Friday, February 27, 2009

CVS This Week-Clearance & MIR Finds

I had yet another $10 off $50 coupon to use at CVS. They were out of Beggin' Strips dog treats, J&J First Aid Pads, 7-Up & trial sized cotton rounds or pads AND I forgot my Lindt Truffles coupon at home, but I was able to put together an ok scenario.

And the Renuzit TriScents Kit for $5.49 with 2 Extra Care Bucks that you can use the $4 Sunday paper insert coupon on, was just the Refill kit, not the Refill kit with the Unit that plugs into the wall. That one was $9.99! No point buying the refill kit if you don't have the plug in thing, right?lol
I didn't buy it as I don't use air fresheners anyway, especially ones that require you to use Electricity, as THAT is NOT frugal. I am a COMPACT list devotee & don't buy what I am philosophically at odds with so no Renuzit TriScents for me.

Anyway, here is what I hauled home.....
1 Bag of T-Bonze Dog Treats(also on sale with the Beggin' Strips)$3.50
4 Boxes South Beach Bars $2.50 ea.x 4=$10.00
5 Bags of Stacy's Bagel Chips on Clearance for $1.65 x 5=$8.25
1 Bag Stayfree Pads at $3.89
1 BodiHeat Pads at $3.99 No Peelie Q on it! 8-(
1 Extreme Energy Shots at $4.99 for the oldest son
2 Neutrogena Acne Face Soap Bars at $3.19 ea. x2=$6.38
1 Organix Shampoo on sale for $4.99
2 bags of Valentine Chocolate 75% off $.99 ea. x2=$1.98
3 Valentines grow your own lavender pots 75% off $.37x3=$1.11
2 Shower Relief Tablets on clearance for $1.00 x2=$2.00

Coupons used.... $10 off $50 CRT Q
$3.00 off IP Purina T-Bonz MQ
$2.00 off IP South Beach Bars MQ x4=$8.00
$1.50 off Stacy's Chips MQ x5=$7.50 $2.00 off Stayfree pads CRT Q
$30.50 Total Coupons

Extra Care Bucks used....
$19.99 Total ECBs

Total AFTER coupons & ECBs.....

$.59 put on CVS Giftcard
No out of pocket.

I received Extra Care Bucks....
$4.99 for the Energy Shots $3.99 for the Bodi Heat Pads
$10/$50 Coupon-another one!
ARGH! I have a love/hate relationship with's nice to get that $10 off but it's a PITA to put together a $50 order, especially when the store is out of stuff or it's a week when there is not much I want/need.

So I have $8.98 in ECBs but I spent $19.99 in ECBs. The Neutrogena bars didn't print the $10 ECBs, darn it. That would have made the trip better but #2 son can use the bars since he's a newly minted teen and is experiencing the Joys of Acne

I also have a Mail In Rebate for the Organix Shampoo so I'll be getting $4.99 cash back too.
This is something to look for in the CVS....TRY ME FREE MIR Tags on the Organix and Vitamin brands of hair products, PLUS they are on sale this week(see my previous post on the blog about this).

It pays to just look around the store too. That's how I found the Stacy's clearance and I just happened to have my coupons for those in my purse! 15 cents per bag for bagel chips?......I'll take it! Woohoo!!

Check out how other Thrifty Divas are saving this week at the "Cents"ible Sawyer CVS SUPERSTARS Page.
Please leave me a comment if you get the chance. I appreciate all ya'll who read my Boring Blog.


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  1. I don't even know if you will realize this is here cuz it is so far back. I just wanted to mention that I use Cetaphil for face wash. I started using it several years ago because I could not get control over my acne. It has made a huge differnce for the better. I will start my son with it when he is ready to change from child to teen and starts with the whole hormone thing. Baby soap still works for now for him.


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