Monday, February 2, 2009

JANUARY $AVING$ Challenge Total

I have to admit, I deserve a pat on the back for what I was able to save in January. We did have an extra pay period this month, so that helped my total immensely.

How I figure my savings is to take what comes into the house for the month & subtract every check we write. Pretty simple, huh?lol

Between all income sources we have a net gain this month of ....... $3374.64!
That includes my $50 of Christmas money, $26 in rolled coins & $465.31 from things I sold on eBay.
It's not $5000, which is my target amount to meet my $60000 goal for the year, but I'll take it!lol

Now I need to physically take that money out of the checking account and put it somewhere....but where?
I'll need to do some online research for the best place to plant this seed money. Feel free to leave suggestions in the Comments.



  1. Sluggy, my money guy just told me to open an Orange savings acct at He said it's 2.5% right now vs my BofA account which is giving me 0.25%. I'm sure there are better places out there, but this is the best I've heard in a while. Good luck and congrats!

  2. Hi Sluggy, Thanks for posting a link to your blog on the Compact! I started a savings account a couple years ago when I started the Compact. And mine is like the one posted above that pays diddley-squat. BUT, the important thing is that it is separate from my spending money and I can watch it and imagine what it will be used for when it finally grows up. :)

    I have started a blog this year too. Check mine out if you want!

  3. I would concur - ING Direct is the best way to go to intentionally stash savings so it doesn't get lost in your regular chequing account. I would also suggest putting in automatic withdrawals to your savings acount.


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