Monday, March 5, 2018

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Is it Spring yet?" Edition--
Another Nor'easter is heading this way mid week so we'll get substantial snow again.  I hope this is the end of the Snow Season for us this year.  I could use some sunshine about now.  It sure would perk my spirits up.  8-)

Moving On....

Onward to the meal planning!

1. Sunday--Chicken and Dumplings
2. Monday--Fish, Taters of some sort, Broccoli
3. Tuesday--Chicken Fajitas
4. Wednesday--Leftovers or Soup
5. Thursday--Leftovers or Soup
6. Friday--maybe Pizza and Salad if everyone is better
7. Saturday--?

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Chicken and Dumplings
2. Monday--Fish, Cole Slaw
3. Tuesday--Chicken Fajitas
4. Wednesday--Leftovers or FFY
5. Thursday--Leftovers or FFY
6. Friday--Fend For Yourself
7. Saturday--Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches, Asparagus

Last week saw 4 nights of home cooked dinners, 3 nights of leftovers/fend for yourself, 0 night of take-out and 0 nights of Eating out.  Most nights it was just Daughter and myself for dinner as Hubs was out of town. Sunday as all 3 of us here were sick I dug my last whole chicken out of the chest freezer and made Chicken and Dumplings.  That was just the ticket!
I had the energy most days to just cook dinners but that was about it.  More antibiotics now and I am hoping that takes care of my sicknesses. bleh.  

1 trip to Shursave for tomatoes and lettuce by Daughter brought the shopping last week to $4.  That brings March's food spending total to $4.  There are 27 days left in my shopping month.  

My savings percentages last week was 20% and the monthly savings so far ends up at 20%(without Rite-Aid trips added in).

Leftovers going into this week.......fajita filling and Chicken and Dumplings.

Here is this week's "food plan".....

1. Sunday--Fend for Yourself/Leftovers
2. Monday--Leftover Fajitas, Spanish Rice
3. Tuesday--Beef Teriyaki, Broccoli, Rice
4. Wednesday--Halushki, Kielbasi on Rolls
5. Thursday--Stroganoff, Rice
6. Friday--Leftovers
7. Saturday--Birthday meal out for CB

This week will see4  new meals cooked, 2 nights of leftovers and 1 night of Take-out/Eat-Out.
I need to buy mushrooms, cabbage, milk and OJ this week.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?



  1. Hardly bought any groceries this week except to stop by and pickup a loss leader cucumber $1 and head of replacement letttuce $1 as my last one froze as I put it in the wrong part of my fridge. Glad you are starting to see the other side of the sickness

  2. Happy you are climbing out os the sickness abyss. This crap has been kicking everyone's butt.
    There have been no stellar grocery deals here in s few weeks, except grapes and asparagus.

  3. With only day 5, we are alreay nealry at 50% of the household and grocery budget wihtout a reall stock-up plan. Though, $9 was DH's Resses Peanut Butter cup mamoth bag. Still, it is food in the house so counting it. We might need to figure out a walking aorund money budget becasue these are the purchases that drive me bonkers. Who needs 2 pounds of Reeses PB Cups? (and then they are in the hosue so I will grab one or five!)

  4. I made enough slaw today to eat and for exbf's trip here tomorrow. I ate the last of the chicken breasts I cooked and put bbq sauce on those. So, now I have to cook chicken for tomorrow and a meatloaf for him to take home. I might just open a can of green beans to go with chicken and slaw tomorrow. Plus, I want to finish off the frozen corn I cut off the cob last summer. I think I am finally getting better after months of illness. I wish the same for you.

  5. We tried a new recipe this week - spinach parmesan meatballs which turned out really well. No eating out - all meals at home!!!

  6. All meals at home, here. We ordered four pasties from the Moose but those went into the freezer for another day. I made meatloaf, baked chicken, bbq chicken and beef, barley vegetable soup, all for the meat eater. I made eggs, black bean and quinoa burgers, salad and leftover minestrone-type soup for me. This week, we’re eating mostly leftovers (him), while I have enough salad for one more day. After that, I’m thinking we may have quesadillas one night and maybe homemade pizza to use up some spaghetti sauce and green peppers.
    Glad you’re feeling a bit better! We thought we might lose my MIL to the flu. Thankfully, she seems to have rallied today.

  7. Meal plan was en pointe last week, except I flipped Wed/Thurs.

    Monday-very mushroom, little beef stroganoff, French style green beans
    Tuesday-hot turkey and gravy sandwiches
    Wednesday-boneless pork in crockpot with cream of chicken soup and a packet of dry ranch seasoning, served over rice, frozen peas
    Friday-fish, Cole slaw, pierogies
    Saturday-all you can eat pancake breakfast at the fire hall, with scrambled eggs, sausage and home fries. We go around noon and are usually stuffed for the day! :)

    I will skip my pot of soup for the week and I think make a large batch of Haluski instead, stolen from your meal plan. Pending, of course. I think my niece is getting sick and I watch her 3x this week. Gotta Lysol the place good when she leaves and keep my hands clean.


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