Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Quick Update-Mostly About July's To-Do List

We made it home yesterday afternoon.
So glad to be home in many ways, but then again..........lolz

There is so much work to be done and all I want to do is go to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And I LOVE my bed!  Especially after 28 nights of sleeping in other beds, some not so bad but others not so good.
I need to figure out a way to bring my bed along on my next trip.....or start paying for expensive hotels that have Tempur-pedic mattresses. Ha!, like that will happen.  ;-)

So I remembered that third book I read in July.
It was this one..........
It's a hardcover album of rarely or never before seen Kennedy Family Photos.  Not much text but enough to make it interesting.  The photos range from Rose Kennedy's youth to just before JFK won the Senate seat for MA in 1952.
A couple of interesting families them Fitzgeralds and Kennedys.

And that's all I got now.
Still slogging through receipts and such.
Might have the July Food/Toiletries Spending Update ready for tomorrow.
Stay tuned.....



  1. Go to bed if you feel like it. You probably need a bit of rest and you can get reacquainted with your bed.

  2. Welcome home!!! What you COULD do on the next trip is take a pickup with a cover on it. Flop your mattress in the back and you've got an automatic hotel room on wheels with your OWN bed. Or rent an RV and use your mattress... but this is cheaper. Well, maybe not on gas... Nevermind.

  3. I read a book by Rose Kennedy quite a few years ago. She seemed to live a life of denial, as in pretending that some things didn't happen. I imagine many of us cope with what life throws at us as a way of maintaining some semblance of mental health and dignity. I enjoy photos of the Fitzgerald/Kennedy family, so this book might be something I'd like.


    1. Rose Kennedy sure did experience lots of tragedy/loss in her lifetime.


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