Saturday, August 12, 2017

Almost Home......3 More Sleeps!

We are closing in on the tail end of this Awesome Summer 2017 Road Trip.  Only 3 more sleeps and we will be home in our own bed!
The photo above sums up how I've felt many days lately, being trapped in a car hurdling down the interstate. ;-)

After leaving Hubs' sister last night, we spent the night at a motel nearby, then drove 5 hours today and then did a Hubs activity.

An OUTDOOR activity, but luckily the temperatures haven't climbed into the triple digits the last 10 days or so.

Another Hubs activity tomorrow morning and then it's onward to meet and spend some time with a blog reader of mine and her DH and then on Monday meeting another blogger and her family.
Then just one more sleep and we set off for home on Tuesday.

We haven't chanced Chinese food for meals(except for the night in Fargo ND when we ate Mongolian BBQ)but we threw caution to the wind tonight and ate at one of those buffet deals near the tiny town we are staying this evening.
I say "chanced it" because Chinese type foods seem to have an affect on my digestive tract that necessitates being near a restroom an hour or so afterwards and beyond. lolz

I also have a long history of being very susceptible to food poisoning while traveling.(Oh, the stories Hubs could tell!)  So I am often wary of eating establishments, even chain restaurants.
Knock on wood we have avoided any "incidents" thus far.

Not only is this trip winding down but so are Hubs' and mine energy and enthusiasm.

A full month out of our comfort's been fun, scary, tiring, thrilling and about 50 other adjectives all at once. lolz
Hubs and I are both in agreement that 4 weeks together in a car traveling probably won't happen again.  It got ugly a couple of times. ;-)
2 Weeks appears at this time to be our limit and staying civil and sane.  Thank goodness we had folks to spend time with(and act as a buffer at times)so we didn't kill each other. 8-)))

I am looking forward to regular blogging again as soon as I get caught up on financial things, laundry, cleaning, dog wrangling, Weis(PMITA)Markets and Rite-Aid frequenting.
I've got a backlog of FIVE, Count 'em Five, trips of various sizes to blog about now(from last July, last August, last September, this May and this Summer).
Between all that and my regular nonsense I've got plenty of ammunition for the blog.

Here's hoping everyone is having a good Weekend and I'll talk to y'all soon. 8-)



  1. Be extra careful driving since you are both so tired and frazzled. I cannot wait to hear all about this trip.

  2. I enjoy your travel narratives
    The photo gave me a large smile.

  3. That is a long time to be together in a car, but we sure enjoyed you and so did my sis and Cindy and Ty. Such fun, I am sure we are one of the scary experiences.

  4. That is one seriously long car trip! I am impressed you have not killed each other.

  5. This trip sounds like the best one yet. How cool that you're getting to meet up with so many bloggers. May your last leg be swift and free of storms and traffic jams.

  6. I can't wait to hear the scary story

  7. Such a long trip - don't think Hubbie and I would have made it past 10 days - sad but true - we both need our space. So congratulations - sounds like you are having a great time - have a safe trip home - then unwind and deflate.. Mary Ellen

  8. When reaching a certain age, sometimes one begins to feel that travelling is more of a hassle than an adventure. It is better if both spouses reach that condition at the same time.


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