Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Well That was a Bust

Jack-O-Lanterns set out and lit at dusk, porch light on and the candy was in the bowl and ready for the hoards of beggars for Halloween Night.

Heck I even had the company of 2 beasts while I attended the miniature people.............

My Daughter in a Gorilla Suit and the Granddog, the fearsome canine.

The night was a bust!
The weather was near perfect-no rain, no wind and temps in the high 40's.
5 of the 6 houses on our cul-de-sac had lights on to welcome the T-or-T'ers.  The Hermit's house across the street was dark and they hid.  I guess since his kid is beyond T-or-T'ing age they don't participate.  Heck even the childless couple our age who lives catty corner to us on the street in the house that's a mirror image to ours gives out snacks to the little goblins!

By 8 pm we had 17 kids stop by to beg.  And I am not counting the two cute little brothers who came back to the house AGAIN on their way out of the cul-de-sac because I had Zombie Sour Patch Kids and they wanted some more. lolz

At 8 pm, after all but one other house on our street had shut down for the night I took the candy bowl inside.  It was too cold to remain outside with so little traffic and I could just hop back to the door if the doorbell rang.
I had 5 more show up(older teens)between 8-9 pm, which is when I turned the lights off.

22 kids!

It's never been this low a number.  I guess our part of the development has has all the children age out for this sort of activity.  Houses don't resell very often here, people tend to buy here and stay forever, or at least until they no longer need the good school district. ;-)
Come to think of it, I can only count 3 houses in my immediate area of the neighborhood where T-or-T aged kids reside.
I figure the bulk of the kids now reside in the newer development that was hooked onto the back end of ours.  It's kind of a long walk from back there to us near the front of where the residential area connects to the secondary roads through town.

Usually we get at least 100 kids.
Nada.  And there were no "little" kids(toddlers with parents or very young school age tikes). For me, those are the most fun to interact with.  The youngest kids were the twin brothers who came back for more....I'm guessing they were about 7 years old.

Now the question remains.............

What am I going to do with all this??? lolz

I can pilfer the mini Butterfinger bars but I don't like the rest(ok, maybe a Baby Ruth or two also).
Daughter & the BF will suck down the Sour Patch Kids and Airheads and some of the chocolate no doubt.
I guess there is always putting some in a candy dish for Thanksgiving guests to nosh on and use some of the chocolate bars for holiday baking.  Pouring a lot of it into various Christmas stockings in another month+ is a solution as well.

I totally forgot that once Halloween is over we begin the short frenzied panic to Christmas!!
* Sluggy plugs her ears and sings and hums to avoid thinking/talking about the Christmas Rush.*

So how did your Halloween go off?
Are you stuck with a metric shit ton of candy to use up?



  1. I was arriving home from doctor and pharmacy about 7pm when I heard screaming from around the corner where there are no houses. That was the most I heard around here. The neighbor across the street and next door were dark. There are no children on this street and few in the neighborhood. I turned off the light, shut the door, and laid down. The uti is back.

    However, when in WM waiting for the pharmacy, I saw many cute costumes on young and old. I bought no candy, so there are no leftovers. Thank goodness!

  2. Having moved , we weren't sure of the crowd to expect. I asked the LL and was told, not many, not a lot of traffic ( T or T ers) here. We were out and about, stopped to grab some cheapo pizza from Dominos (they actually have gluten free for DD)and used a coupon promo for them. Once home at 5:30, the kids (little ones) were already out and about (there are 3 smaller condo complexes in my area) so Halloween started at 5:30 and we shut lights off at about 8:30. Not sure how many came by, perhaps 20? DD had me buy allergy free lollipops, so I only have a $4 investment.

  3. We had a grand total of 8 - and all were nearing or at middle school age. I like seeing the little kids, too, but never saw one. Guess I'll have to wait until my granddaughter is old enough to come visit me.

  4. When we first bought the house, the previous owner warned us about the on-slot of beggars, I mean trick or treaters. We would get about 300+. Now we are down to about 100+ a year. OUr neighborhood is older and people can't seem to escape. There kids aged out. And why go to an older neighborhood when you can go to a posh one. But mind you, they don't hand out the good stuff like we do cuz their money has to go to looking good and a massive house payment.

  5. Well we had one mom and Hub's were so disappointed. I was teaching so did not notice. My daughters had over 300 in their neighbor hoods.

  6. I'm sure your college kid would love a safe oak age with some candy.

  7. I had 87 this year, which is pretty normal for us. Our neighborhood has just the lids who live around here trick or treating, which is nice!

  8. We had about 30 kids, that's down from our usual number. Mostly within one hour. The wee ones come around 5:30 and by 7:15 the trickle had slowed right down to NOBODY! Weird.

  9. You could send it back with your son to College to share with his buddies the next time he comes home - we only ended up with about 20 mini chocolate bars which will likely be consumed by us by the end of the week lol. After a few years of decreasing trick or treaters this year an increase due to weather - 51! I almost ran out and bought more candy but things quieted down and we shut off the lights at 830. It does suck when no one shows up though.

  10. We actually had the most this yr. About 25, our first yr here maybe 5. More kids in the plan even though mine are too old. Cheryl

  11. We had around 50 kids. Our neighbors across the street said it's the most they've seen in the 14 years they've lived here. We still have some candy left over though.

    I've heard reports from several places though that they had fewer trick or treaters this year. Some thing it's because there are more community events being held these days (Harvest Festivals, Trunk or Treat events, etc.).

  12. We only had three kids, which was fine with me.

  13. Bought twice what was needed because we were only home an hour. Darn-will just need to freeze most.

  14. I made 100 loot bags and had only 8 kids on Halloween! We are eating a LOT of candy! lol!

  15. I had a couple of bags left and took it back to the store with my receipt and got my money back.


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