Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Using Thanksgiving Reward

I used one of my $10 Reward chits to finish getting Thanksgiving needs + another item yesterday.....

5.5 lbs. of Rutabagas=$4.29
2 lbs. of Carrots=$1.89
2 cans of Cranberry Glop=$1.76
1 box decaffeinated Tea Bags=$2.59

I paid .53¢ OOP after using my $10 reward.
$12.74 reg. retail value and a 95.84% savings rate.


I have another $10 Reward from the Baking Promo which I will use next week.



  1. That's an amazing savings rate! I am just now finishing the carrots that I paid a quarter for two pounds. Wish I had more, especially after seeing the prices of carrots. I am waiting for the day you are eating free!

  2. You make the cranberries sound so appealing. ;-) I just used a $10 reward on Sunday (mine was from a gift card deal) & it felt so good to buy a bunch of stuff & pay $.60. Loved it!

  3. I thought of you as I failed miserably shopping yesterday! We are having everyone here during the holidays in addition to going to an extended family Thanksgiving meal.
    I think (No! I know) I spent over 250 bucks for the five days everyone will be here together. I am only justifying this because we will be doing no eating out, and eating out for 9 even for one meal would be well over 150 dollars. So in addition to all the veggie purchases I bought a whole beef tenderloin, 2 huge Boston butts, a 20 pound unprocessed ham, a turkey breast, and a large beef brisket. I think I am going to freeze the ham for Christmas and maybe the brisket also. Now I am glad I did that 50 dollar per week challenge a few weeks back so this overage is covered by what II saved then (Yeah! Rationalization!)


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