Friday, November 18, 2016

Update on November Spending/Rewards & December $ + Food Bank Donation

So I just added up this past week's spending on food and we are at $502.14 for the month of Novemeber.  Plus I need to spend a little bit more(under $10?) before the month is over.

The good news is I got my last two gift rewards at the Shursave Thanksgiving Reward and Baking Reward..........

Besides the Spend $X/Get $X Thanksgiving Reward there was a Spend $30/Get $10 Reward Baking Reward also going on and anything spend on Baking Reward stuff also counted in your total spending for the Thanksgiving Reward spending(double dipped).  I did the $10 Baking Spending Reward 3 times. 8-)

So I'll be using 1 of these early next week and save $10 on my shop.
The other $10 one expires 11/30/16 so I'll save that one to pick up a few needs the week after Thanksgiving.

I have also earned a few more cash rebates the past week or so--$2.75 more in Ibotta so I now can cash this one out as the total is over $20.

And I forgot I have a stash of $42 in cash from "post coupon" transactions(cashier forgot to do coupons or I forgot to hand them over until the transaction was finished at Rite-Aid, so I paid with Plenti Points and they gave me cash for the coupons afterwards)done during the course of 2016.

So here is where we stand with "free money" to pay for groceries going into December......

Assorted Gift Cards.....$84.36
Cash Rebates--
Rolled Coins...$87.50
Other Cash(post coupons)...$42.00


I'll probably earn about $13.90 more on SavingStar before December is out and a few more at both Checkout51 and Ibotta too so I am figuring $400 at least for food shopping money next month.

It will be awesome if I can keep food at $400 and not spend "income" money OOP for groceries next month.

I also got a few more items together for the food bank donation......

I also have 2 more jugs of laundry detergent to take in as well which I didn't photograph.



  1. Your shopping makes mine look so inefficient!

  2. Off topic somewhat....doing my tots, and found a receipt which reminded me of an incident. I had a $1.00 off preferred customer coupon for packaged, upper end store brand deli meat. I found a package of turkey marked for quick sale, (I have 3 kids eating lunch at school, so it would get used in time). When I presented he coupon at checkout, I had to endure a lectire from the twenty-something cashier on hiw it probably wouldn't work as it was already marked down, and coupons are off the regular price. I kept my cool, and said, "well, try it amd see," but she kept yadda yadda-ing until I said, "scan it. If it works, great, if not, fine." Well, OF COURSE it worked. Then I had to endure her explaining how lucky that was before she would hand me my receipt. Aaaargh.


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