Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Haters Gonna Hate

Ok folks, what follows below is the kind of dimwit commenting that anonymous persons try to get me to approve on my blog.

Yep, I am putting this particular comment front and center so everyone can see the sort of hateful, bullying garbage internet trolls post, when anyone disagrees with them or offers differing viewpoints on issues, especially during this election cycle.

Not only are supposed race baiting Trump supporters emboldened nowadays(as the left calls them)but as I see them, ultra liberal folks who have opened their minds so much that their brains are falling out are likewise taking shots.
Yes, I went there.

"Sluggy...proud of what exactly?? You should read the new book "Hillbilly Elegy"...written by a white guy (some refer to him as White Trash and he acknowledges this). He points out that to be working class in America and white these days means you: use drugs, have kids out of wedlock, are obese, don't work,are in poor health, collect food stamps and can barely speak/write English...Trump supporters ARE racist no doubt about it. Why not just own up to it and move on? In your case, and judging from the photos you post, this fits your family to a T...why not just admit you are your kind are racist, homophobic, indifferent to women's rights and hostile to immigrants? The fact that you refuse to post critical comments suggests you are fundamentally a coward who refuses to accept responsibility for the nonsense you publish."-Anonymous Commentor

First off you don't even "get" the gist of the book you reference nor the author's point in writing it. You are showing your special kind of stupid using this as an argument to condemn me and "my kind".  Everything you mention above can also be used in an equally hateful way to describe inner city poor, or black/any other ethnicity than white if you prefer those labels.  And I am not black/hispanic either.

Personally, I didn't vote for Trump(and wouldn't have)and in addition, I NEVER would have voted for Hillary either.  Not that that has anything to do with the gist of my post of yesterday.

My post was a plea for sanity and calm in our country in the days ahead and in addition, an attempt to clue folks in who are living in the "bubble" as to what other Americans who don't agree with them may be thinking.  I suppose since I don't live on the coasts or inside the Beltway and I talk to people in many socioeconomic classes in this country I may have an insight that the liberal elite types don't have.

So you think I am White Trash who is a racist, homophobic, indifferent to women's rights and hostile to immigrants?  You couldn't be more wrong.

I am a woman who identifies as a libertarian(small "l"), I graduated from a women's college(yes I am a college graduate)and I donate to Planned Parenthood, so tell me again how am I indifferent to women's rights?
And by the way, my Hubs has an advanced degree from Johns Hopkins University while we are at this(he was born into a poor Northern family and he and his sister where the first ones in their family to earn university degrees).

I had a serious relationship with and almost married a man from the Philippines.  Me have a problem with immigrants?  I doubt it.

I have an African American sister in-law.  Yep, I am a big old racist.

One of my best friends from college is an African American lesbian who converted to Judaism and adopted 2 children.  Racist, Homophobe, religiously intolerant.....that's me evidently.

I worked in theater in my younger days so I have many LGBTQ friends.  Just ask my gay friends how much of a homophobe I am.

When I was younger I was a foster parent to 4 kids....1 white, 1 latino and 2 biracial(black/white).
More racist actions on my part.

One of my own children is B on that LGBTQ spectrum.  Gotta hate my own flesh and blood it seems.

I have financial supported a charitable organization since 1988 which cares for orphaned children in various African countries(and brings some to the US and Canada for adoption when that is the better option).  Supporting foreign non-white children and encouraging foreign adoption/ evil can I get?!

And as for ".... fundamentally a coward who refuses to accept responsibility for the nonsense you publish."
I sign every post I write and identify myself, which is a lot more than I can say for your snide hate-filled diatribes personally attacking me.
You think it's nonsense, that's your right.  But I don't have to listen to you attack me from the shadows.

So "Anonymous" this is why sometimes you should STFU and get your facts straight before you attack someone you know nothing about.

And everyone can thank this "Anonymous excuse for humanity" for me no longer allowing anonymous comments of any kind(even after moderation)on my blog.
I know I am losing some very fine commentors by doing this but I just don't need to see the negativity I have to endure when I attempt to protect all my loyal readers from wickedness like this type of online troll.



  1. That sucks - unfortunately bloggers will all election point of views seem to be the targets of a lot of nastiness.

  2. Nope, I love this post!


    Yeah, it gets my blood pressure up a bit to think people can make such accusations, to even know in fact that people really think the way the commentor wrote but go get em Sluggy! Great post!!!

    Haha, now I'm offline until tomorrow :)

  3. Sometimes, there are people you just ha e to avoid like the plague, even online.

  4. Amen, Sluggy!! I think I am still white trash who happens to make in the top 5% of income earners. I am not racist, homophobic or misogynistic.

  5. Thanks for your rebuttal to that nasty comment.

  6. HOly cow... No one deserves to be lambasted like that! DEFINITELY not you!
    I love your response to that person. Let em HAVE it!

  7. Ignore, and carry on my fine woman!

  8. Even without knowing all that about you and your family and your past, I would never have leveled the accusations at you because I would never believe about you what she said. That is pretty bad!

  9. I don't know what I said, but I just lost a follower. I always wonder why people leave and hope five more people will be followers.

  10. Anonymous missed the point of Hillbilly Elegy. If she read it, she certainly does not read critically.

  11. I'm flabbergasted! All I ever read on your posts is evidence of an honest, family loving, kind to her friends (real and virtual) woman of awesomeness! You give ideas on how people of all economic back grounds, can maximize their saving power, and use your own to support charitable giving. I hope the commenter reads the support you have and understands none of us are going to stand for ridiculous attacks on you, any of us, and certainly not our families. Trolls be gone.

  12. If a troll has such a strong opinion, they should sign their name! Seriously . . way back I set my blog to moderated only. Trolls pretty much left.

  13. It makes me sad that you felt the need to justify yourself to that asshole.

  14. People think their comments are anonymous, but they're not. They leave a digital trail Google is only too happy to hunt down. And ring their door bell.
    Sad, Denise. This country is just so sad.
    Hang in there!

  15. It takes a real (un)honest person to throw crap like that and be unwilling to sign your name to it. Definition of a troll right there - not willing to back it up. Good riddance! FTR, you didn't need to explain any of that stuff, your posts have made it clear exactly what type of person you are. A great one.

  16. Love the way you let them have it :)

  17. My blood started boiling when I read the Anonymous comment ... but my grin kept getting wider as I read your response. Well done.

  18. I woulda just hit "delete" but I certainly understand why you had to respond to said troll.

  19. Isnt the internet wonderful? What did these people do before, shoot at cats?

  20. People are really pathetic. I'm so sorry. I can relate, and it's very tempted to expose the idiots. I, for one, think you are amazing. :-) You don't have to agree with someone 100% of the time to respect them. . . otherwise, there would be no one left in a marriage. ;-)

  21. Heavens! I would think your blog based on economics and running a household would be troll-resistant. Alas.


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