Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stuff and Such

I got a check the other day and I do believe that NOW Hubs can retire...woohoo!
Wanna see my check?
Here ya go.......

Here's a close-up of the amount....

I had a Fashion Bug account back before they closed up.  I paid my bill at the store one time and the clerk told me the amount incorrectly, meaning I overpaid that bill by .10¢.
That was back in 2012.
About a year later the FB chain closed up.
In January I  got a letter from whoever is closing out their books that a check for .10¢ was issued to me back in 2013 that was never cashed.
Now you KNOW if I had gotten a check, even just for .10¢ I would have cashed it, right?

So this letter said I either needed to let them know when that 2013 check was cashed, or if this money wasn't owed to me(which is was) or if it was still owed where to send the new check they needed to issue.
It's too bad an option wasn't D-Just keep the freaking .10¢ already!
But no, that would mess up their bookkeeping.

So even though it probably cost them something in the realm of $10 in labor, postage, processing and bank fees, they sent me a check for .10¢.
And yes, I do plan to deposit this later this week and I can't wait to see the smiles on the tellers' faces when I do. lolz

Then I went back up to Weis on Monday to do some Deals and made a little video for your viewing pleasure........

61% savings rate.  Of course the meat I got changes my meal plan a bit this week(the pork chops will go into the freezer until College Boy comes home for Spring break though).

Not much else to report in on yet this week.  Things are happening today and then later in the week which I'll fill y'all in on in due time.

We are suppose to get rain later and it's warming up into the 50's again in a day or two.  What a February it's turning out to be!



  1. Replies
    1. So why does it feel like I'm living the nightmare some days? lol

  2. That is too funny. A .10 check - unbelievable.

  3. Again I am amazed at your deals and shopping skills!

    I got a check recently for $.38 cents and like you I kept thinking they had spent 20 bucks to give me my $.38. (I also cashed it then put it in the Salvation Army bucket as I left the bank). I understand bookkeeping and numbers, but I wish they had just donated it to a soup kitchen somewhere.

  4. Yeah I have gotten a few of those stupid checks over the years. I really?

  5. Waiting for severe weather here. Arriving soon. I'm scared!

  6. I closed an old savings account and the interest came in a check for $ .03.

  7. What a waste of paper! Drives you crazy, doesn't it?


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