Thursday, February 4, 2016

January To-Do List Outcome

Let's take a look at how I did with my January To-Do List.


* Inventory Stockpile FAIL  It has been too cold to spend long stretches of time out in the garage so this item goes onto Feb.'s list.

* Un-Decorate DONE

* Put Away Xmas Stuff DONE

* Take CB back to School  DONE

* Finish analyzing bills paid in 2015 and chart DONE  Most line items of spending were down in 2015 compared to 2014.  Nothing worrisome of note but all insurance and tax categories were all more in 2015 than in 2014, which is not surprising.  Another post on this point at a later date will surely appear on the blog.

* Pay Bills  DONE  Everything paid and on time.  'Nuff said.....

* Bike 50 Miles DONE

Smashed that goal and biked 71.25 miles

* Sew hems on 2 Nightgowns  DONE  Now I have 2 new long sleeved nightgowns for the Winter and just in time for the cold.

* Start Taxes x 4(Fed, State x 2)  DONE partly Federal is done, CB's Federal mostly done(waiting on him to get me a figure on something).  Hadn't been able to do state taxes yet as forms were not available earlier in Jan.  This part continues onto Feb.'s list.

* Start Food Bank Donation(toiletries) DONE  I finished both the toiletries gathering and the food gathering.  Now I just have to inventory what I have to take up and lug it into the car so I can take it in.

* Reorganize Fabric Stash DONE I pulled out lots of pieces of fabric to donate to SA in December.  As a result the stash was quite higgledy-piggledy.  I went in and neatened and reorganized what is left on the shelves.

* Hold Giveaway DONE Giveaway is currently running and why haven't you entered yet?!?
Go HERE and remedy that right now!  8-)

* Read 2 Books DONE I finished 2 books- one I got at the thrift stores while visiting Sonya Ann in IL and the other was bought at Ollie's discount store for cheap.  One was a Biography of Cole Porter, the other was a novel called "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry".  The Cole Porter one was slow going through some of it but if you want to know everything there is to know about Mr. Porter's life go read it.

* Plan 2016 Goals DONE  And posted HERE.

* Plan Travel for 2016  ON HOLD  There are some things up in the air around here and with my family so I am having to put the Travel Plans on hold for now.  I have tentative ideas but I can't book anything or have Hubs mark his work calendar for time off until  some things get settled.  We have at least 2 trips in the works for 2016 but that is as much as I can say at this point, one of which may include some family business and not just all pleasure.
Will revisit this To-Do Item at the end of Feb.

* Celebrate my Birthday DONE  
Me blowing out candles.  Hubs bought a teeny tiny cake the weekend after my birthday.

Puffed out cheeks for blowing is NOT a good look on me. lolz

So we did a decent job on knocking off the items on the January To-Do List.
One point gets put on hold and another gets continued into February.

Now it's onward into the wilds of February!

What would you like to accomplish this month?



  1. Red is your color.
    I heard a commercial on my phone for RA. The universe is picking on me.
    Im still plugging along. Taxes are done. Dejunking a bit. I can't do anything to DJ's room until he moves into his apartment in August. I'm not donating his bedroom furniture and then buy something used for his new place. I could drag it to the garage and then Den would half-kill me.

  2. Very good at completing the list. Well Almost, but almost is good.

  3. Fortunately I view my list as fluid, since most of January's flowed into February

  4. Interesting! I have never done a monthly list weekly or usually daily is the way I operate. Today is easy- I have my meals prepared from yesterday, need no groceries, and will be transporting GS and sitting in the car waiting for him to come out. I will take a book and read.I have a few calls to make, will run the roomba soon, pick up a few things, and 'tidy' the kitchen.Now who says tidy any more?? Nothing more on my daily agenda. I like to keep Fridays simple. I am thinking of the month- call the pool man to replace the pool pump. I have the money- just have been procrastinating, decide exactly what I want to do for Lent, go to Goodwill and donate some things, defrost a turkey and give to soninlaw to smoke, buy printer and research cars! Nothing exciting for sure.


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