Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Back in May I shared this photo......
It's one of those "old timey" photos tourist places sell.  We were in New Hampshire for this one and my youngest was about 6 months old.

Well here is another "old timey" photo of my 3 kids taken at Bush Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.......they will kill me for posting this one..............

Their Aunt and Uncle took them to Bush Gardens one day when we were down visiting in Virginia.
I thought it was the Summer their grandmother died in 2000 but that would have made College Boy only 4.5 years old in this picture.  I think eldest is 15 or 16 in this which would make it a 2006 or 2007.

I love how the photographer posed College Boy with a gun pointing at his sister.  Those two had a contentious relationship growing up(she tormented him incessantly)so I am sure if that gun had been real and loaded he'd have had the urge to "take her out". lolz

In the previous "old timey" photo the Daughter had been very upset she didn't get to hold a gun like her older brother so I am sure she loved that she got a gun this time.  ;-)

If I ever get the three of them in the same place at the same time I need to go haul them to a tourist photo place again.  They don't enjoy this sort of thing now so it would be a struggle.

Have you ever taken these hokey types of fun photos while on vacation?




  1. No, I haven't taken any- too tight but my late husband took a lot of photos- me, rarely. I liked yours! How far apart are your kids in age? We had the first 2, girl/boy 2 years 8 months apart and then waited 12 years to have the third, a girl. She was just 8 when her dad died so doesn't have a lot of memories of him but we talk daily and she is the mother to my onlygranddaughter. Unfortunately she and her husband live in San Fran- across the country boohoo. My grandsons 10 1/2 and 13 live here in town so that is nice!

  2. Nope, never did that. Got my picture taken with a dolphin and a baby lion, but that's about it.

  3. I would be hiding my carcass right now after posting that picture of your kids. Loved the expression on the youngest ones face. You and hub's have not changed a bit how is is you have now aged? Or is it the sexy squaw dress.. Okay squaw is not politically correct, but when has sluggy insisted on political correctness.?

  4. We never did it when our kids were younger, but there is one old photo of my family , I was about 2 1/2, my sister was a hip baby and my parents are at Panama City Beach Florida. It is a photo of us in shorts standing behind locked bars with a sign above it that says Panama City Jail. It is still fun to look at but I think it was way before costumes were available for novelty photos

  5. Take them down and introduce them to Ronald and you'll probably end of with one. I have quite a few now as gifts from him. My profile pix is one.

  6. Oh yeah! At bloggerpalooza! Both times! Loads of fun!

    Peace <3

  7. 'Im-in-doors and I had one taken in Carson City on one of our trips over to your side of the pond a few years ago.It hangs here just to the right of my desk. It used to hang in the upstairs hallway of our old house and one day I heard my mother's youngest sister, both now passed,crying up there. I rushed up to find her sobbing saying that I was so like my grandmother in the picture.


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