Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stuff Going on Here Lately

*  Well the son taking a teaching job plan has changed a bit.

He got another job offer, this one in Northern Virginia.  To start the salary is $9K higher than the offer from the North Carolina school(partly because it's a wealthier district and partly because he has special ed experience).

While the money is better the cost of living is higher in No. VA comparatively to rural NC.  There is MORE housing to choose from but there is also more competition.

This area in VA will provide more opportunities for his GF to get the medical field job she is training for.  Of course, she won't be able to jump right into a medical position until she takes and passes her board certification which can take up to 6 months.

But they have a Plan B where she can get a transfer at her part time gig in Pittsburgh to one of this company's stores in No. VA and work there while studying for the boards.
So money will be tight at first but it's highly doable.  Eldest and I will be going down to VA this weekend to secure an apartment.

The problem is that this school district doesn't start classes until after labor Day(Sept.)whereas the NC school started midway into August.  Eldest will be leaving his job tomorrow so by August there will be no paychecks coming in.

The VA school district pays at the end of the month, so he will have almost a 2 month gap between pays.

Between moving expenses, security deposits, setting up the apartment and monthly rent/food/utilities/gas/clothing that needs to be bought they might not be able to cover that 2 month gap financially.

So this is where "the Bank of Mom & Dad" comes into play.  Eldest is very uncomfortable accepting a loan from us to tide them over and I am glad to hear that at his age!(I would be worried if he wasn't uncomfortable. lolz)  But we are darn lucky to be in a financial position to float  them some cash until things loosen up with the, make this HE is darn lucky to have financial responsible parents.
Yah, that's it

When does this having to bail out your grown kids stop anyway? ;-)

Well I am off now to get my other eyeball sliced open this afternoon.
I'll be starved by the time it's over with(no food since dinner last night)so I am sure a run through a fast food drive-thru for a small burger will be a part of this plan too.  lolz

This has been the longest 2 months of my life waiting between surgeries and I can't wait to be able to have matching eyes again and not have to worry about tripping when I walk.

Perhaps by Friday I'll be able to SEE BOTH EYES!  8-)))
Now wouldn't THAT be nice??




  1. Good luck on the surgery and congrats to Son #1 for the new job offer. I lived and rented in NoVA for 20 plus years until we moved last year - happy to point you to some good (and away from some bad) locations depending on where the job is.

  2. Schools have funny pay schedules. One paycheck at the end of the month is tough, especially when they hold back a month in the beginning. That's how I was paid as a sub. It sucked. Hopefully things will all work out. Your son is lucky to have such great parents. Good luck with your surgery today!

  3. I hope your eye surgery goes well and painless :) I don't think you ever stop trying to help your kids even when they are adults. Our 3rd eldest is moving out for the first time (he got a great job and a company vehicle and full benefits - finally can afford to) and we are giving him $500 which is a gift as we did the same with our two eldest boys. It is hard when there are four - you have to be so freaking even about everything. At least your son got two great job offers - that just shows what kind of kid you raised!

  4. I lived in Arlandria (the cluster of neighborhoods between Arlington & Alexandria). It was very reasonable part of Alexandria VA. Easy commute to my office in In the mount Vernon area where it was totally out of my price range. There are loads of options in NoVa. Things to consider, young adults will enjoy easy metro access, and walkable type communities like Herndon & Reston. Good luck to him!!

  5. Congrats to eldest son on his new, new job. It seems that things generally work out the way they are supposed to as long as we (the universal we) don't get in the way. And yes the eldest is extremely lucky that they Bank of M and D is open and lending.
    Glad your eye surgery is today and things can get back to normal. Enjoy the burger!

  6. I loved Northern Virginia and lived there almost 13 years. Apartments will be very expensive so expect sticker shock and they also have a personal property tax on vehicles. Good luck! My son lives in Alexandria now but he makes a very nice salary. His apartment is $2400 a month but it is in a good location.

  7. let us know how the operation went. and NoVA has gotten no less expensive since 1999 (the year spouse and I moved back home to philly).

  8. What????? Coming to MY area? How exciting! Where will he be teaching? My daughter teaches in NoVa (Fairfax County Public Schools). And, yes, real estate is mighty pricey here...
    Hope all went well with your eye surgery!


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