Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shopping on Wednesday

First I picked up a few things at Rite-Aid while I was there getting drugs.

I put the total OOP of $4.80 on a free gift card.

The Watkins lotions were free after Rain checks from around last Christmas.

The almonds were $1 for 2 cans so .50¢ per can.  They are on sale for $2.50 each this week and I used 2 x $2/1 Blue Diamond Q on the Hopster site.

The toothbrushes were $3.50 each and give back 300 in points this week.  I used a $1.50/2 Oral-B Q(coupons dotcom)so this deal after Q and points was a .50¢ moneymaker.

I had BOGO Snickers Qs plus they are BOGO this week at Rite-Aid.  Buy 4 Snickers and use 1 Q and pay $1.15(the price of 1 bar)for all 4(comes to 28 and 3/4 cents each).

I used the 400($4)in points on my card and earned 600($6)in points for the transaction.

I then bought $100 in Rite-Aid gift get $5 in points for each $50 in R-A gift cards you buy this week(limit 2).
I used budgeted cash I would end up spending at Rite-Aid anyway and converted it to store scrip(the gift cards).  That earned me 1000($10)in Plenti points.
Since I have spare cash to do this, why not earn $10 in points to spend for cash I'd use for buying items there anyway?

Now I have $16 in points to spend.  I'll wait until I can get something free or real cheap at Rite-Aid to go back and spend this since I don't "need" any toiletries.

Then it was off to Weis(PMITA)Markets.
I posted a video of my shopping trip HERE
I spent $53.03 and saved 49% over regular retail.

The best Deal was the paper products, Save $5 Instantly when you spend $25.  This runs off of regular retail but the items are on sale so you don't have to "spend" $25 actually to get the $5 discount.

2 x 6 packs of Scott paper towels at $5.99=$11.98(reg. $7.39 x2=$14.78)
1 x 12 pack of Scott toilet tissue at $7.99(reg. $10.29)
Total=$19.97(reg. $25.07).
After the $5 discount and $5 in Qs used(3 x .50/1 doubled to $1/1 and 1 x $2/1 Weis coupon book on Viva or Scott towels Q) I paid $9.97 + .59¢ tax=$10.56.

I received a $3 OYNO Catalina Q for buying 3 Scott items in 1 transaction.

I'll return later this week and do this same deal again, using similar Qs PLUS the $3 Catalina and will pay $6.97 + .41¢ tax=$7.38 for these 3 products again. 
Total for all 6 packages with tax will be $17.94 OOP.

$I'll also earn another $3 Catalina to use in the next 2 weeks.




  1. I have to say that RA is really disappointing me. sigh. Your finds there always made my day. CVS cut out bucks for a while, they are trying to weed out the people that abuse the system. Sounds like they are pulling a JcPenneys. I haven't been back since they started that crap.

  2. I thought the picture was chocolate and liquor lol, then realized it was lotion. Oh well, chocolate deals are good enough for me.


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