Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent good wishes concerning my recent meltdown on the blog.
I am really bad about responding individually to comments, but if you've been reading here long, you already know that, so don't take offense if I don't respond to your note.

I also received a few emailed private messages of support.  Those were totally unexpected but are cherished just the same.

Being a woman of a certain age, I don't much care what anyone thinks of me or what I think or do.
Society in general can "KMFA" in regard to who and what I am and what I do.  Basically, "my religion" is to be a good person who tries hard not to hurt anyone else and if that ain't good enough for some people then too too bad and here's the remote so you can change the channel.

All that superficial stuff that's so important to the majority of those in our culture concerns me not.  I often feel so out of step with the rest of our society and the majority of womankind.  My worth is not dependent on the latest fashion and hairstyle, how small my dress size or what celebrity or sports team I identify with(none of them).
I know who I am and what matters in my life.

But now and again when my psyche is low things said can get to me.  I guess that's true of everyone.  And last week I was having one of those times so things said that don't usually bother me did, and tunneled down into my soul and made a mess of me at my core.

I really didn't want to stop blogging nor did I want to take it private.
This particular blog of mine has been up and running since 20 Jan 2009.
6+ years at this point.
It's been continually changing as I have changed over the years and it has enriched my life in ways I couldn't have imagined back in 2009 it would.

I think I am back on an even keel now, with a sturdy rudder.  My sails may be in tatters but we journey on into the great unknown.
Sea monsters and trolls need not apply.
There are still many adventures to partake in so come along on the voyage.  ;-)



  1. "All that superficial stuff that's so important to the majority of those in our culture concerns me not."-I feel the same way. I love this religion! I try to be kind and fair and then is someone steps too far out of line to hell with them.
    I love you, my cousin.

  2. Yay to KMFA! It should be every bloggers motto :)

  3. Sluggy, glad you are in better spirits and know how appreciated you are. I think five minutes after the internet was invented some nasty person said "oh goody now I can make vile statements and no one knows who I am."

  4. I started blogging in February of 2009! Now we're even MORE like sisters!!! Even more than my own 6 sisters because none of them blog. That they'll tell me about anyway...

  5. See this is the sluggy I know and Love. Did you know my spell check changes your name to Sludgy? Hmmm... nice ring

  6. I agree with the KMFA but in my case I change it a little just to be girly I use the term KMBWDA BWD big white dimply

  7. "I often feel so out of step with the rest of our society and the majority of womankind. My worth is not dependent on the latest fashion and hairstyle, how small my dress size or what celebrity or sports team I identify with (none of them)."

    I don't give six shits what other people think of me. and I don't feel out of step; I march to my own beat. I don't wear fashion clothes, my hair is the same as it has been since 1972 (wash n go short), my ass is big and well-padded, celebrities blow goats, and I only follow the Phillies baseball team.

    "I know who I am and what matters in my life." - GOOD FOR YOU! everyone else can FOAD.

    1. Yeah what she said! lol. Where were you ladies when I lived in PA. lol

  8. While I don't mind standing by with a sledge hammer for you to use on the trolls, this is the old sluggy we know and love. We don't like women or anyone who makes you sad. Women who are out of step are the ones I like the most, on the internet or in real life. That means SLUGGY.

  9. You have almost 300 declared followers on this blog. Uh, yeah we LOVE you! Mean people are out there waiting to pounce... I've had a few comments that rocked me for a few days. Those people suck. You do not. You are a beloved blogger and you're really funny too. Keep on it Sluggy!!!

  10. That why we are all together! We all think the same way! Atta girl!

  11. ah crap i missed the whole thing a sluggy meltdown,

  12. but i still love ya, if you had my life youd have a melt down everyday

  13. Well said , I love your blog and appreciate your honesty. Nasty people will always be there so... Do what you're doing and just be you!

  14. I think your reaction was human. You go through life not hurting anyone and then get attacked by internet cowards and punks for being honest and being yourself. That would catch anyone off guard and mess with one's head. It's so liberating to get to a point where you really don't give a flying f*ck what people think. I'm glad you are at that point. You got moxie girl and I look forward to reading your posts.

  15. I am so glad you are better. Screw anyone that doesn't like what you write. We don't like them anyway. LOL!


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