Saturday, February 21, 2015

Last Rite-Aid for This Week

2 transactions on Friday for more Gear items and Vaseline lotion......

$21.75 worth of items, after sale prices and coupons I paid .97¢ OOP and received $2 in +Up Rewards(for the Vaseline).

Then rinse and repeat the Gear items and Vaseline......

$15.67 retail worth of items, after sale prices and Qs I paid $1.03 OOP and received another $2 +Up Reward(the Vaseline lotion).

I spent a whopping $4.55 total this week at Rite-Aid on $95.81 worth of items.
Next week I have a $3 +Ups I have to spend/roll by Wednesday.




  1. Love how you get these bargains, do you have a post on how you hot it to work like this? Could you point in the direction of the post?

  2. is someone sick with the Ricola, or are you just getting prepared? I have been through numerous packages of them over the past couple of weeks!!

  3. I always feel longing and jealousy when I read these posts. ;p


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