Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Get Beyond Clutter

I found this series of Youtube videos from a clutter "expert" in Houston TX named Gayle Goddard who calls herself "The Clutter Fairy".

Her Channel on YouTube is HERE.

I have been viewing her vids throughout this past week, one a day.
I especially like the one I have embedded below.

It's about clutter and getting older and what you don't want to leave your family to deal with when you pass on.
I know, it's not a happy topic but being a woman of a certain age this is something I need to think about in regard to all my "stuff".

If you have an issue with clutter(and who doesn't have some issue with it!?)I highly recommend you take a look at her talks.



  1. I will check her out, but coming from a hoarding mother, I tend to get rid of too much. Even paperwork!

  2. I seem to keep things to a point and then I reach a point where it has to go. Being not up to par physically has not been good for my purging. Once, I was so organized....sigh. I will watch this.

  3. I'm afraid to watch this. I'm guilty of too much clutter. It has been suggested (by me, eventually) that I am a hoarder. It's so hard to declutter! It's an emotional thing with me. Good luck with your decluttering efforts!

  4. I've gotten to the point of where I can't do much more to declutter. Now I just have to maintain what's left and keep from letting it build up again. I'm learning to love empty spaces.

  5. Here's my clutter fixer: buy a house somewhere else like PEI, prepare to move...cancel move...bring stuff back?? Nahhh, give it all away...I have about 1/2 the stuff I had a year ago!! Really clears away the excess!!

  6. I am afraid to even watch. We have so much stuff and it is all Hubby's. I will have to deal with it when he is gone. sigh.

  7. Den and Anna are the pack rats. I will donate everything to their dismay. Anna still has a few bins of stuff in her room so if I die, its her problem. LOL


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