Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clarification on the Food Budget & Donations

Ok everyone, when I said I was considering separating our food bank purchases from our "gonna use this" food purchases I meant setting aside a bit of money outside of our reg. food budget to make these purchases, versus including the food bank items in our reg. monthly food budget.

I do keep track of all food bank items donated during the year and declare it for tax purposes already, that's not the issue.

Should I say give myself a monthly food budget of whatever(use to be $400 mo.)and then give myself a separate pool of cash to pay for donated items out of, instead of my food budget?

Maybe designate a part of our yearly Charitable $ giving Budget for buying items for the food bank or carve out a chunk of the regular Food Spending Budget to pay for these food donations?

$400 or $350 or whatever I spend a month is already tight so using a piece of the Charity $ might be the way to go with this.



  1. I thought that I was saying that! You won't believe this, but I am tracking grocery spending this month. But, there is a stock-up component, sort of like what I was thinking you could do to keep it all separate from your eating money.

  2. Yes! I have a monthly budget just for donations. It keeps me on track, but allows for charitable donations throughout the year.

  3. I think that the donations should be separate. It's way too hard to keep your monthly total so low. Ask me how I know?

  4. I think the donations should come from the donation budget and the food budget be for your household....and family members that may shop there.


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