Monday, June 30, 2014

This Week on the Dining Table

I am back!!!
Now to your regularly scheduled programming.

The  "#1 Son and his GF have gone home already" Edition.......

 The visit was great but way too short.

Here is my list of meals for the second half of June that were left going into last week----

1.  French Bread Pizza, Salad
2.  Pork Chops, Sautéed Cabbage, Macaroni Salad(leftover)
3.  BLT Sandwiches or Cheesesteaks-Diner's Choice
4.  Dinner out with #1Son
5.  Lasagna, Salad
6.  London Broil, Fettuccine w/Sauce, Sugar Snap Peas
7.  Wild Card meal-not planned

And here is what we ate last week that was on this list.......

4.  Dinner out with #1Son
7.  Wild Card meal-not planned

2 out of 7......lolz

Here is what we had for dinner last week.....

Tuesday--Subway sandwiches(#1 Son arrived)
Wednesday--#1 Son Birthday dinner out at Hibachi Restaurant
Thursday--Went to microbrewery for Lunch, Dinner at home was snacks/chips/fruit
Friday--Burgers, COC, Baked Beans
Saturday--Fajitas at son's request
Sunday--Leftovers and Fend for Yourself

Let's just say there was a lot of adult beverages consumed last week after Tuesday and not a lot of thought given to cooking meals.  8-))

As predicted more food buying was done last week.  We went to Wegman's on Wednesday so #1 Son could check out the BEER and I ended up buying food.....strawberries(didn't have any fresh fruit left in the house), reduced today 90% lean ground beef, lunchmeat and cheese, fresh corn, mushrooms(for the fajitas #1 Son requested), hummus(a huge vat of that), pretzel chips, blue tortilla chips, coleslaw mix(to make cole slaw for the barbecue I saved for #1 Son) and 2 small pints of ice cream(which didn't get eaten last week).
While there I also saw and bought 2 kinds/brands of root beer(my vice), Stouffer's spinach soufflés (I haven't seen for years around here!), and a huge bag of frozen breaded chicken strips for #2 Son. $86.73 later we left that store.

Hubs also spent $11.94 at the local market to get the rest of the ingredients so I could make Fajitas on Saturday.  He did NOT shop around and get the best prices so that is what it is and I am embracing that spending.

While we were in Berwick we stopped at the Surplus Outlet(it's a discounted grocery store-the kind that has deals like almost expired foods, dented cans, crushed boxes, overruns, old packaging, etc.)and another $67.73 flew out of my wallet, and pushed my monthly food/toiletries spending over $400.

Oh well.
It's all good though since I was prepared for that, we had extra mouths to feed, some of it will carry forward and be used in July, plus that best thing is--I had the cash to pay for it all.  ;-)

At least it wasn't $500+ in food spending, right?

We had a bit of food waste last week.  Had to throw out some of that #10 can of baked beans I bought for the graduation party.  We ate on them until we just couldn't anymore and a hefty portion went bad.  Lesson learned.....

Going into this week, in leftovers we have.........Fajitas filling(for 1 or 2 tortillas), 1 ear of COC, 3 helpings of Cole Slaw, a whole package of 90% lean Ground Beef, Spaghetti w/Sausage and Meatballs.

Here is the plan, going back to a weekly one for at least this week......

1.  Fish, Coleslaw, Rutabaga
2.  Pork Chops, Squash Casserole
3.  BLT Sandwiches or Cheesesteaks-Diner's Choice
4.  Tacos
5.  Lasagna, Salad
6.  Leftovers
7.  Leftovers

This plan will use up all the leftovers(hopefully)except for the ear of corn.  I'll strip that ear and either throw the corn into the taco filling or use it in making a pot of Clam Chowder but not this week.

This uses up all but the French bread pizza and London Broil w/Fettuccine meals I planned for June.
Those 2 will carry over into July, later in that month.
What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?
Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten that week?

Do you plan your meals & then grocery shop OR do you grocery shop and figure out meals using what you buy OR is it a combination of both?



  1. Sluggy, one of my tricks to avoid food waste is to freeze it! those baked beans would have hung out nicely in your freezer until you could stomach the idea of serving them again.

    1. CTMom--I would have done that but since we got rid of the new broken freezer, I just don't have the room in the little one over the fridge. 8-(

    2. Got a friend who would givre up freezer space? are u considering buying another freezer after that fiasco?

    3. Nobody here I know who has extra freezer space and it was only $1 worth of beans so I am not real sad about throwing those out.

      It's been over a year since the freezer fiasco and honestly I am gun shy about buying another one. Add in that I don't want to have to move one when we leave here in a few years. Once we relocate in retirement I may think about getting another one.

  2. I chased the three month baby hens all over the neighborhood, got so hot, I could not cook or eat. Then, got up the next day to find Patsy Cline and she ran screeching as I walked toward her after finding her in the yards back of me. By the time I got back home, she was searching for a way into the pen. I let her in and she ignored the fresh food and hopped right up to lay an egg. I collapsed in house.

    With a heat index of 100 and 68% humidity, I don't feel like cooking. So, I got a Big Mac. My colon is still not back to normal, so eating anything but fruit bothers my colon. I may never cook again. Sorry, but that is how I feel when the car ac does not work and the puny one in the den barely cools one spot. I cannot eat in the heat. Being allergic to beef does not help at all. BUT, I really need to feed exbf, so chicken breasts will be cooked, 5 lbs. And, he likes salad, thankfully. Last week, I cooked him nothing but sent him home with two tomatoes and no dinner. He was not happy.

    When I have just a bit of something squishy to squeeze into a full freezer, I put it in a freezer bag and make it conform to the space necessary. That is not efficient, but...oh well. .One day, exbf was puzzled and asked me why I froze something into "that" shape.

    Cherries are $2.50/lb this week at Walmart, so I bought one lb and should have bought more to freeze. I have been eating those and have more in refrigerator.

  3. Why would put baked beans in the freezer when you need that space for ice cream? Makes sense to me.


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