Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Week

I'm enjoying having my eldest son home for a few days so I won't be online or posting much until next week.

Here we are mustering up all the decorum and classiness in ourselves yesterday while out shopping........and hopefully this makes Sassybear feel a little better......

Unfortunately Iron Man(aka Eldest's GF)refused to don her mask and have her picture took.....Humph

More later.....




  1. Haha. That looks like a very fun visit! Hope you take lots of pics to tell us about it later!

  2. It's not like anyone would recognize her! I kept trying to figure out who was in the masks and did not even recognize you at first in the Spiderman mask! I hope she is classy as you all are.

  3. I think you should get the whole family decked out like that, take a picture and use it for Christmas cards!

  4. Ditto cheapchick! Love that idea. Enjoy your family time. :-)

  5. I would have recognized you any where, even stepping out of a phone booth!

    1. Maybe it is time to get the cataract operation!


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