Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just an Extravaganza of Randomness

*  Well, the Graduation festivities have come and gone and so have assorted relatives.  I got the house in decent enough shape before the hoards descended.  All the cooking got done too with help from my sis in-law.
#2 Son's friends showed up for the cookout....about 2 hours after we ate.  I should have known better than to start a cookout at noon when inviting 18-22 year old males.  This crowd is NOT known to be early risers after all....and yes, getting up and out of the house by noon would constitute an early riser.

After all the celebratory eating and drinking was done, I have a ton of food leftover so Hubs and I will be eating on all this for meals this week.  I don't believe I will have to cook anything until at least Saturday.

*  My awesome lime green leather chair did NOT arrive on Friday, when it was suppose to according to FedEx/the manufacturer.
Sis in-law and I followed a FedEx truck on Thursday on the way home to the house from the grocery store.  I  joked that maybe my chair was on that truck(since we don't see many FedEx trucks around here)and they were delivering it a day early. HA!
Friday came and went and I checked the tracking # that evening after things settled down.  It was on the truck but it was parked at the facility 2 towns over until Monday, since FedEx home doesn't deliver on weekends.  Yes, the chair got to the truck at the facility and then got to sit for 2 days. Lovely.

But when I got up at 9am Monday and came down the stairs, I saw a big box sitting on my front porch already....

I had to wait until #2 Son got up at the crack of 1pm to help me cart it into the house and unpack the chair.
But here it is now, in all it's glory.....

It really needs an ottoman however for me to sit comfortably in it.  Having short legs, the seat is too deep, so my lower extremities hang in midair.
But it looks lovely.

You will notice that I still have NOT gotten the living room curtains finished, as the bare window behind said chair attests to.
I did work on the curtains last week and have almost gotten the tabs for hanging them attached to one drape.  I just seem to move in slow motion these days.....

*  I spent yesterday trying to make head way in cleaning/organizing the garage.
Here's a shot from before I began this Herculean task.

#1 Son is coming for a weeklong visit next Tuesday and I want to get everything gone through before he arrives and box up lots of items I want to send to Salvation Army.  Yes, another clutter and purge session!

I plan on having all this ready to go but not before I let him go through and see if there is anything he wants.  After I let him pick through I'll give Daughter second dibs on things and I can take that out to her when I make another trip to Louisiana.

That large shelving unit hides another just like it behind it, out of the camera's range.  Both use to hold my vast food stockpile, but as my stockpile has shrunk, both are not required now to contain it.  I got my mailing boxes sorted and up on other shelving unit.  Now I need to go through and organize all the foodstuffs, as they have just been thrown willy-nilly onto the shelves for the last year.

I suppose I'll work on that task today.

*  Speaking of Daughter, the house closing was suppose to be this Friday.  It has been delayed yet again with the signing of an extension until mid AUGUST!
The excuse being touted is that the Seller's attorney didn't file some paperwork.  Really?!?
Incompetence, thy name is lawyer.....

This means now that I won't be going to Louisiana to visit the Daughter until the Fall.....which changes the plan for my July trip......well, what little plan there is at this point. lolz

*  I've been paying bills this month as they come in but I do need to sit down and go over where we are with the money for June.  The big honking credit card bill came in yesterday and I need to separate out the regular charges(gas, etc.)from the charges I am paying from Hubs yearly bonus.  I didn't counted that bonus in our regular income.  A chunk went to finish off #2 Son's college fund and I have been holding the rest of it in reserve.  My new purple car is being paid out of that bonus as well as the new sofa and chair I bought for the living room.  I need to add this all up and see what is left(if anything)from that bonus.  If there is anything left I'll put it toward my July road trip.

*  I started panicking this morning about #2 Son's college stuff.  Up until now I've been too distracted to concentrate on all this, other than filing the FAFSA.  It seems we never received his financial aid award letter.  So I had to call the school about what was going on.  They "say" they sent it out late February. Hmmmm.....really!?!  So they are resending it later this week.  It's not like he gets any help though since we are rich.  Right.  We are up to date on everything now.  We have dealt/are dealing now with 3 different colleges in our state's public university school system and it drives me INSANE that none of them have done things the same way!  They all have their own way/time frames for doing everything so I can't use my experiences with School A or B when trying to deal with School C.
It's so frustrating and makes me want to eat rats in Tewksbury(to quote someone I know). ;-)

*  I had a dr. visit early last week.  The bad news--my weight is up(a little).....the good news--my sleep apnea is totally under control and I graduated to only having a yearly dr. check-up.
Go me!
Also in the good news department--we hit our high deductible late last month so now we won't be hemorrhaging money on medical bills.  It will become slow steady leakage instead..... ;-)

*  I've got a case of the blues this week.  I suppose it's the aftermath of the excitement(and strain)of last week's festivities/events and the getting everything ready.  I really don't want to do anything except sit and eat pastries and bread #2 Son brings home from his job....and that half a sheet cake left from his party.
I've got the Summer doldrums I guess.  I've never been a big fan of Summer and the heat, even as a kid growing up in the South.  Give me Spring and/or Autumn any day instead!  My mojo and motivation goes out the window in Summer.  Add in that our swimming pool is shot and I won't get nearly enough exercise this year.  I miss our pool but the expense of fixing it when we will only be living here another 4 years wouldn't be worth the $$$.  Sigh

I've got plenty to do to keep me busy but nothing sounds appealing.  I hope I can pull out of this soon and be productive.  8-(

So what is going on in your corner of the world?




  1. My son and your son would get along swimmingly! DJ loves getting up early at the crack of 1pm. His job is cutting into his nap time.
    Go you on only having to go back to the doctor once a year. YAY sluggy!

  2. Oh wow, they moved it to mid August?! Couldnt they just fax the filed paperwork, seriously? And here I was whining about how the car isnt finalized yet... I'm with you; I'm a spring/fall person, though I wont shy away from winter. Summer, I can do without. People are always surprised someone from the caribbean can be so unfriendly towards summer, but summer here in the US is NOT summer down there.

  3. I have a friend that I have known for over 30 years. We could always depend on his getting up at the crack of noon. He is 69 and still is dependable that way.

    Did you start cooking again or heating things up?

    I am in the midst of getting things out of the control of ATT&T. But, there are glitches, mainly all called money. Except they did not reattach the wires in the box to turn on home service. And, they probably think I am going to pay for five weeks of service I did not get! I have Magic Jack for the home phone, and an antenna to replace ATT tv service. Pay as you go phone will replace cell. But, unless I pay $30 to get the phone unlocked, I have to get ATT to help me. ATT may be the mark of the beast.

    I love summer but have become less tolerant of the heat or equally love being able to retreat to AC. Too bad about your pool. Here, if the doctor prescribes it or something, the hospital has a cheap rate for their swimming pool for therapy. It is quite a large pool, at least as large as our smallest city public pool.

    I would have to forbid those pastries in the house. And, am grateful I don't have to make that choice.

  4. I meant to say--I LOVE the chair. Even as tall as I am, my feet never reach the floor! I always use an ottoman because my mother had horrid varicose veins and I tried to avoid them. I did.

    Even in my dining chairs, I have to sit right on the front edge for my feet to rest on the floor! And I am 5' 7.5".

    LOVE the color of the chair.

  5. That chair is really cool, but I can tell by the height of that seat, that my feet certainly would not touch the floor, (me being even shorter than you and all). I too am in a semi funk. I haven't found any new merch to sell so I haven't listed anything in over a week and that stupid case against me has me all paranoid.
    I gained weight too. I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I really need to lose 20 pounds, but I have a cookie addiction that's hard to break. Being only 4'10, I should weigh about 110. I think I was born at that weight, lol. I spend way too much time on my butt in front of this computer. I think that's my problem.
    I'm glad your sleep apnea is better,. My brother just found out he has it. He was having carpal tunnel surgery and stopped breathing while he was under anesthesia. They had to wake him up and finish the surgery with a local. Poor guy.
    It's so hot here in AL today, you wouldn't believe it. Hugs, Lorraine

  6. I could not get past the photo of the garage
    Open it some Saturday morning, have a sale and make a mint!!

    and I probably WON'T get to see Sonya, but it's nice knowing we're in the same neck of the woods for like 12 hours or so...

  8. Love the chair! And congrats on graduating to annual doctor visits. My doctor insists I come twice a year to monitor my thyroid. Oh, well, gotta do what I gotta do to get my drugs. LOL!

  9. Love the chair! My feet wouldnt touch the floor though since I am 5'4..ok maybe 5 almost 4. Catching up on all the blogs tonight. Are you going to the bloomsburg fair or will you be away?


  10. Nowhere to go in July? Passport, get yourself a passport!!! I'm glad you survived all your company and festivities - lol green chair arrives AFTER - isn't that always the case!


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