Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Boy Who Lives Music

Last night was the Awards Night ceremony for #2 Son's graduating high school class.
We went and were proud to see our son win a musical award, the Band Director's Award.

**This clip is of 4 awards given out by the music department.  #2 Son is the first one so you don't have to watch the whole clip if you don't want to.  Unfortunately I don't know how to edit film yet. ;-)

And here are #2 and Hubs posing for a photo after the ceremony was over.

#2 Son has a passion for music. It all began in 6th grade when he decided he wanted to play the flute in his grade school band.  Both his older siblings had played trumpet but no amount of coaxing could get him to not want to play that "girl's instrument". lolz

He picked up playing electric bass in 8th grade after saving up money to buy himself a bass at the local guitar/instrument store.
Along the way he also learned to play the double bass or contrabass and is teaching himself the clarinet because a friend gave him an old one they had.

 He has participated in musical bands at school(plus taking private lessons)since middle school-- marching band 6 years(I think), concert band for 5 years, jazz band for 4 years(on the electric bass), played in the pit orchestra for every musical since high school, did a stint in the string ensemble band(on the double bass), as well as formed a "garage band" outside of school and is cutting a cd of songs with them in hopes of one day finding paying gigs. 
He's gone to Districts competition for flute the last 2 years, performed in Marching Band competitions(placing 1st for the State Regionals in PA once) and performed at Jazz competitions on the electric bass the last 3 years, winning a Solo Performance award at Bloomsburg University this year.

He participated in track as a freshman but gave that up after one season as his heart wasn't in it.
His heart is in music and he hopes to make a career in the music world.

#2 Son is pretty much an introvert and has few friends and has had a hard time finding his way as a teenager.  He wasn't a jock or one of the popular, cool or ultra brainy kids in school.  Being in band he was looked down upon by his fellow classmates as a band geek.
He had a hard time at points fitting into the teenage hierarchy and pecking order in high school.  I think his music helped him cope with what at times seemed to be a miserable time as a teen.
When I think of #2 Son I can't help to be reminded of that Thoreau quote......
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."--Henry David Thoreau

#2 Son truly lives for music and he wants to try to make it his life.
It's a hard life for most who pursue music as a vocation.  But it's what he wants to do so we are 100% behind him and gave him the freedom to take all that money we saved for his college education to major in music.  It's not a popular choice and had my brothers told my father they wanted to pursue a degree in the arts he would have had a cow and then not paid a penny toward their dreams.

It may not be the prudent choice......the concentration that will guarantee the highly paid career for his future, heck he'll probably have trouble paying his monthly bills as those in this profession are not well compensated for their work(unless you are one of the elite few).
But money isn't everything so why spend your life doing something you hate just for the money?
He eats, sleeps and breathes music.
Thankfully his parents are fully supportive of his goals and dreams and always have been, no matter what they turn out to be.

I am so happy to see his love for music being recognized by those at his school.
And needless to say I am proud of him.

And I keep reminding him that if he ever makes it big with his garage band that he needs to remember who has always been in his corner and yes, I'd like that convertible custom purple Rolls Royce for my birthday. 8-)))



  1. spouse's nephew has the same musical aspirations; nephew is checking out Berklee College of Music this weekend.

    #2 son looks like you; you sound so proud of him!

  2. Hehe. Aww, what a nice post. Indeed, many congratulations on his achievements! I have zero musical (or artistic, for that matter) abilities. So I admire those that do a lot. Good going for him.

  3. This is a very nice synopsis of his musical "career," his personality, and his aspirations. He is very lucky to have parents willing to let him follow his own thoughts.

    I never made any association in hs of geeks and band students. my friend's daughter played in the band, won a band scholarship, then joined the AF where she was recruited as a spy. Honestly! I was one of the people interviewed for her Security Clearance and then she got her top security clearance. So, he could end up being a flute-playing spy. At least a flute is easy to carry.

    I am sure you will get that purple convertible Rolls Royce.

  4. You can actually make a living as a musician in many different ways. With his multi-talented approach, he'll probably do pretty well. He could, of course, come audition for GWAR down here in RVA! HAHAHA

    A great tribute to a fine young man. I know how he felt in high school, but gay, straight, whatever, IT GETS BETTER!

    Peace <3

  5. I know you are so proud of your son! It is wonderful that he has found his passion in life. Sometimes our passions don't pay so well, but we still gotta have them.

  6. I think music is a great degree. To be able to teach and perform is a great career. Music teachers are well loved and love what they do. My husband can play any musical instrument you give him and he loves his music. Congratulations on raising a musician!

  7. Sluggy, If you were to replace the word music with art and #2 son with Megan, you would be describing my daughter. She too went through school being pretty much a loner and the kids she eventually made friends with in high school were the band geeks. They were the nicest kids! Art is also a tough career, but, like you with your son, we support her 100%. I'm sure if they went to the same school, your son and my daughter would have been good friends. Congratulations on the award!

  8. You are a brave wise Mom! My junior daughter is extremely gifted in the arts (visual and performing) and very intelligent. But she lives for her saxophone and for marching band. In fact she will be drum major her senior year. But as we are looking a colleges and majors, I am steering her toward environmental engineering as a major (total math & science wiz) and either minoring or double majoring in music. My view is, planning a music career is a bit risky but, like any of the arts, it can always be a passion, a hobby and another source of income. I wish your son great luck and a wonderful experience at schoo.

  9. Sounds like a plan to me. If more folks actually did what they love, I think we all would be happier for it.

  10. Reading this reminds me of a tribute that I saw to Run-DMC when they were being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Someone had it posted on FB so I watched it. The mother of one of the boys, Connie Mizell, said that she would get home from a long day at work and listen to her boy (and his friends) as they tore up turntable after turntable, learning how to make their unique sound that would later become famous. She said that she believed in her son and did whatever she could to help him. Keep on supporting your own boy #2!!! :)

  11. Nice post. I've always loved that Thoreau quote. It inspires in so many aspects of life. congrats to Noah on the achievement!

  12. As a fellow introvert who spent her career doing what she had to do instead of what she wanted to do (a career in the scorned upon arts) tell him he's right to follow his dreams! Oh, you did already :) I KNOW he won't mind making less as long as he's living his passion.


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