Saturday, November 16, 2013

Who Doesn't Like FREE Chocolate?

Certainly not I!

So I hiked up to Rite-Aid Saturday morning with a couple of $2 Lindt coupons from Facebook and got these.....

On sale for 2/$4-have to buy 2 to get this price.
I used 2 x $2/1 Lindt bar coupons from F/B.

Out of Pocket Total.....$0.00

Free chocolate works for me! lolz

Now I have $9 in +Ups to use by next Wednesday.  There was nothing I wanted this past week that was a great deal at Rite-Aid so now I have to come up with something to spend those +Ups on.
If you Rite-Aid shop, what are you buying there this week?



  1. I will take that caramel one because I am chocolate insecure. I just read Judy's post and I could not help myself:)

    1. I've been on facebook too long this morning. I just tried to "like" your comment Kim... "where the heck is the like button?" chocolate insecure, hehe. I read that post too :)

    2. are a sick puppy Kim, but I loves you....!

  2. Nice! I was at Rite Aid picking up a prescription, & discovered a similar deal. Skinny Cow chocolate bars (including the caramel one) had a $.50 off sticker on them. They were on sale for $.59/each, so we bought two. $.18 for both, after the sale price & stickers. We may go back for more. ;-)

  3. Yum! I used these coupons last week, pricematching $2.50 Wagreens bags in Wally world. Lyndt chocolate is my indulgence:)

  4. Wow, right up there amongst the best freebies ever! We still have some halloween chocolate, so I should be good until Christmas :)

  5. I love the Lindt bars with the added sea salt - I'll send you my address in case you ever see them for FREE! :)

  6. I am kicking myself because I did not do that Lindt/RA deal.

  7. Wait I missed the chocolate :(

  8. I got the coupons and then forgot to hand them over to the checker. That is the worse frugal sin EVER! Guess I have to go back and buy more chocolate.


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