Friday, November 1, 2013

Sluggy's Boring Blog Box Giveaway....Week Three!

What time is it?!

            The very rare pumpkinpillar.
Well it's time for another BORING BLOG BOX GIVEAWAY!!

Here's how it works if you are new here.......
I put things in the box(mostly what I have gotten for free or almost free)each week and when the box is filled we draw a winner from all the entries received.

Here is what went into the Box today......

A selection of items I bought back from western Virginia to share.

1. A small box of Apple Candy bought in Wythe County, Va.
2. A Can of Boiled Peanuts bought in AltaVista, Va.
3. A Postcard from Big Walker Lookout in Wythe County, Va.
4. A bag of Horehound Drops bought in Alta Vista, Va.
This week's prizes have a value of about $10.
If this is your first time, please go read all the rules for these Giveaways HERE.  *As always, if you are located outside the US, you CAN enter and win but weight restrictions/shipping costs may mean your prize box will contain less items.*

***Time to enter.....You can enter on this Giveaway post until I close this post to entries.

1 entry per person per day on THIS POST.
Leave your name/email address and a COMMENT on this post.  

This week I want to hear about your Christmas spending.  Do you budget how much you spend at Christmas or do you just "wing it" and not worry about the money?  What sort of things do you spend on at Christmas?  How much do you plan on spending this year?  Are you spending more, less or about the same this Christmas as in years past?
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Happy Entering!! 



  1. As for Christmas... I used to just wing it because I didnt really buy anything for anyone. Now I budget and readjust based on how the previous year went... I gave out cash last year and got cards for free, so that was that. But I also bought toys for the kids and a gift for my inlaws. This year's spending is TBD, and though I've saved $700 for it, I do have wiggle room of about another $500 for it.

  2. we are spending much, much , much less

  3. A few years back we decided to draw names! That means there is only one gift to buy......well actually two because we also do a white elephant gift exchange.John and I don't exchange gifts with each other but we do get a little something for each of the grandchildren. Now that they are almost all teenagers we just get gift certificates. I do send cards. During the holidays ( Thanksgiving , Christmas and Easter) everyone stays here so our food costs skyrocket!

  4. I haven't seen Horehound in ages!! We used to eat it as kids and I remember my gramma telling me it was made out of the sweepings at the broom factory. The broom factory is long gone and i thought so was the horehound!!

  5. We budget $300.00 per person (3 kids, mom and dad). We started this budget last year and it worked. In previous years we spent a lot of money at Christmas. We have the kids give us a list and items have to equal up to $300.00. The budget for nieces and nephews is $30.00 each. As for food, I really don't have a budget for it.

  6. I buy things all year long for three children, 4 gchildren, and dil. Swagbucks, mycokerewards, and deep sales after Christmas are the source of my frugal Christmas gifts. In January I bought three plush throws, 50"x70" for less than $10 each, regular price--$35, for daughter and two big g-children in NYC. Son and dil will get nice candy dishes, and their children, 2 little g-children get a gift plus lots of stickers--$3 reduced to 10 cents.

    My mystery shopping gets me free postage, a real relief. That will make my Christmas giving much less of a financial burden.

    I have a supply of small gifts bought cheaply for the person that all of a sudden I must give something.

    My neighbor who takes my garbage to the road will get a series of baked goods. He entertains a group of young people who form a religious group that meets at his house.

  7. I don't budget for Christmas, I celebrate it. I guees then, I wing it? My kids get to ask Santa for one thing, and us for another, but understand they may get something totally different. I shop year round for gifts...things like that. $1.99 bucket of giant sidewalk chalk on clearance, or cool t shirts for my eldest. For gifts I would say $200, if even, total for the kids combined, (3) . Our celebration, though, is very heady, starting in Advent. We have traditions of decorating, cooking and the like. Food shopping consists of things like smoked salmon, egg nog, champagne for mimosas, while more mundane meals are made from our pantry. Christmas really doesn't effect our spending because I don't let it. I sound mean, but my kids seem to love our celebrations.

  8. We don't spend a lot of money for Christmas. Well, Hubby usually spends more on me that I would like, but I will live with it, As in years past, most recipients will be receiving jam and Cranberry Almond Bread. My kids have already told me what flavors of jam they want. LOL! Hubby will pick out toys for the grandkids, but they are always reasonable prices.

  9. I HAVE TO WIN!!! I love green boiled peanuts. They are my fav!
    And I'm hoping to keep Christmas spending at about $1500. I think I may have posted about it on my blog once or twice. LOL

  10. Do you budget how much you spend at Christmas or do you just "wing it" and not worry about the money?

    I wing it, and it gets me in trouble.

    What sort of things do you spend on at Christmas?

    I sent over 100 cards last year -- not doing it again.

    We buy for each other, my mom and dad, my twin sister; my lady's kids, and her two moms. Perhaps a small gift card for the mailman and our neighbor.
    That's it.

    How much do you plan on spending this year?

    Shipping stuff home is what's gonna bite me. I already have four boxes of stuff to go to my sister, and a heavy paint set for my dad. I've won or thrifted most of it, or I shop clearance. I don't think I'm gonna spend more than $200.. excluding shipping.

    Are you spending more, less or about the same this Christmas as in years past?


  11. 11/3
    I will be spending less. The reason son and dil get candy dishes this year is because I never know what to get her and can find plenty for my son. So, they just get a gift for the house, unless I give her an umbrella again this year. I suppose a person can use an umbrella every year. They live in South Texas, so buying scarves or gloves is out of the question.

  12. Today I bought some whole berry cranberry sauce, sugar and almond extract that I will need for jam making and bread baking. My Christmas budget is so low because a lot of the ingredients for my gifts are in my grocery budget. Is that cheating?


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