Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Goings-On at Chez Sluggy

Well the HVAC compressor is on order.....lovely......
Anybody want to lay odds when our new heating system is actually operational?


Here's my daily eating regime lately.....

Trying to keep hydrated and the mucus thinned out as much as possible.
Add in doses of Vitamin C and lots of hot tea, lemon and honey too.
I haven't lost my voice yet but glands are still swollen and the throat sore.
Can't wait to see what happens next....


Hubs car died....yes, the new-to-us since June car.  So I am stranded at home until next week probably.  He has out of town business tomorrow and is having his car towed to the shop on Friday.
Who knows what is wrong and how long until it's fixed? 
So much for the excess cash at the end of this month to put toward furniture if this is a costly repair.  Sigh.


I am continuing to sell a couple of pieces of fabric a week.  The good thing about Etsy is that it's only something like .40¢ per item to list it and it's online for 4 months.  Ebay charges about that but you only get 30 days of exposure to potential buyers.
And a buyer there sent me a note with cash in it.  Seems I mismeasured the fabric length I sent her and it was double the size I had put in the listing.  She can use the extra so just sent me some more cash for it.  She could have kept the extra and not said a word since I was clueless.  Nice to come across an honest person, isn't it?

I'd love to sell this fabric quicker but a slow steady drippy stream of pieces leaving the house will work. ;-)


eBay is still sucking eggs.
I've had quite a few potential buyers outside the US asking about shipping overseas.
I use to sell A LOT of items overseas, but that was before the USPS raised their international rates to criminal levels(see highway robbery).
Now I don't know why I bother to answer these "how much to ship to XXX?" inquiries.  The prices I have to quote are ridiculous.

Yesterday some guy in Argentina offered me an amount for a toy with a Best Offer feature that I accepted.  Not a half hour after I sent him an invoice he emails that he's changed his mind.

And then I get a "Question to Seller" from eBay and here is exactly what it said.....

Dear slugmama,
есть ли у вас доставка в Россию и сколько она будет стоить?


Honestly, don't go on an English speaking platform and try to do business if you can't speak English!  You don't see me trying to buy stuff on a Russian language board.....that would be a ridiculous thing for me to do.
I don't know....maybe I am just getting too old and cranky to deal with people on eBay.  8-)


The now dead car has this load in the trunk that was suppose to go to Salvation Army this week.  It won't get to go now until the weekend.....

This load also includes some hair coloring and women's plus size clothing that got forgotten in past loads.
Plus I have another full load here in the house just waiting for room to put it into the car.
So I am hoping to drop off two full loads to Sallie's this weekend.


Oh!, I almost forgot.  I went to get something out of the fridge in the garage last night and the fridge wasn't running.
Turns out the outlet is dead so now I have a heavy duty extension cord running from my den into the garage so we don't lose the food in that fridge. Oh, it's always something here, isn't it? grrrrr


Ok, I am off to go through more boxes from storage and decide whether to list any of what's in there. Then I'll finish writing up Part Two of the Summer Road Trip to post.....and you KNOW you don't want to miss reading that! ;-)



  1. It's amazing how many things can break at your house. I would be oh so discouraged! I hope I don't have a run like that. Are gremlins about?

    1. My life is filled with gremlins I think. lol

  2. Sluggy, Since it's so close to Christmas, why don't you consider donating those nice plushies and Barbies to Toys for Tots?

    1. I have tried to donate toys to them in the past but with no luck. Of the things that aren't collectibles(and suitable for kids)they are older toys and not "current" and the boxes are messed up and they wouldn't take them even though they were unused and sealed in the boxes toys. This year I can't even find a donation location in our county. It's all "Valley Santa" here now, the local program sponsored by the CEO and the local newspaper.

      I used to be on a yahoo group for Scranton/W-B called PA Angels. People who needed Xmas for their families joined and then people who could donate to those families picked one or more to work with. I helped give xmas to many kids over the years there but a few years it fell apart when scammers and greedy people came on board. sigh.
      But thanks for the idea.

  3. It makes me sad to see Barbies in a donation bag. But maybe it will make some little girl's Christmas.

    I got my box today!!! It was so fun! Thanks again!


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