Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Bought at Rite-Aid This Week

I had $7 in +Up Rewards to spend/roll.
Here is what I got this week.....
And so you aren't shocked later on in this post, let me tell you I actually SPENT MONEY this week at Rite-Aid! 8-(

15 x Gatorades on sale $1 each=$15.00
2 x Milky Way bars on sale .50¢=$1.00
2 x Extra Gum on sale .99¢ each=$1.98
1 x Gillette Custom 3 Plus disposable razors w/20% disc.=$6.39
1 x Gillette Shaving Cream w/20% disc.=$3.03

Coupons Used
1 x $1/2 Milky War bars IPQ(no longer available)=$1.00
1 x $.50/2 Extra Gum ManuQ(AllYou Magazine)=.50¢
2 x .50¢/1 Extra Gum AdPerks IPQ=$1.00
1 x $2/1 Gillette Custom 3 Plus razors ManuQ(P&G)=$2.00
1 x Buy G. Razors Get Shave Cream Free ManuQ(6/10 insert)=$3.03
Coupon Total.....$7.53

$27.40-$7.53=$19.87 + $.74tax=$20.61

Used my $7 +Ups...$20.61-$7.00=$13.61 OOP

I received back $11 in +Up Rewards.....(2 x $1 WYB5 Gatorades-limit 2, $5 WYB15 Gatorades-montly deal, $4 WYB select Gillette Razors)

Now I know I could have broken this into 2 transactions and paid about $4 less OOP in the end and wound up with $7 +Ups instead of $11 +Ups.
But I was in a hurry to get somewhere else so I bit the bullet and spent $13 instead of $9 OOP when all was said and done.

*With Marching Band camp about a week away, cheap Gatorades(.53¢ each)tempted

*The candy bars were free so a no brainer.

*The gum was .24¢ a pack so almost free(these will be stocking stuffers).  If you can find the Key Lime Pie flavor of Extra Gum it's ringing up on clearance so would be much cheaper, maybe even free with overage if you have the right coupons.

*The Gillette razors are part of a deal where the $12 and such non-disposable razors are on sale for $9.99 this week AND give a $4 +Ups back on purchase.  This particular disposable package IS pictured with the non-disposable ones on sale AND also gives the $4 +Ups.  At my store this disposable pack is $7.99 reg. retail, so with 20% Wellness discount comes out to be $6.39.  With the $2 Q and $4+Ups, it ends up costing me .39¢ for the package.

*I saw on A Super Savvy Saver that there is a coupon in the 6/10 inserts(Red Plum) you can pair with these razors that will give you a free can of shave cream too.  Thanks Sheila! 8-)
So the razors and shave cream cost me .39¢ OOP.

As of now, my Monthly Rite-Aid Stats for JULY are....

Out Of Pocket....$13.61 cash
Value of items bought....$65.52+$49.25+$49.19=$163.97
Single Check Rebate due....$4.00

+Ups at beginning of month...$33+
+Ups used....$44+
+Ups received...$22+
+Ups currently...$11+ 

What did you find good to buy at Rite-Aid this week?



  1. Rite Aid was *HOT* this week. Sadly my sons have gone thru 1/2 my Gatorade stash already! Those are big suckers too. What, no buddha or microcloths?!? Maybe next trip!

    1. No buddhas or microcloths in my tiny store and I have no motivation to travel to get that stuff.
      I do wish I had gone back to do the Gatorade deal on BIL card.

  2. And now I want a Rite-Aid. A girl can dream!

    1. Just come here instead of Vegas next

  3. These are some awesome deals! Rite Aid is kind of far from us right now, so I rarely even check their ad :(

    1. R-A is the closest to me. If CVS has a great deal I get tempted to go there but it's further away.

  4. I keep telling you: I will pay you a salary to move up here and shop for us. (oops - "down here." Why do I keep thinking you live down in Dixie? We're the ones under the Mason-Dixon line. But come on down and we'll put you on the ole Dixieland payroll.)

    1. Well shut my mouth and call me a hambone y'all!
      I guess you can take the grits gal outta Dixie but you can't take the Dixie outta the grits

  5. Save the empty Gatorade bottles and buy a canister of the dry powdered Gatorade off of Ebay and refill them. My son works on a loading dock with no A/C and really sucks down the Gatorade.

    1. Thanks for the great idea Marci, however I use to do that and the kids wouldn't drink it!lol I found the powdered stuff at big lots I think years ago-much cheaper and easier to store a canister than all those danged bottles. oh well...
      Maybe if I hid what I was doing this time they's not notice?

  6. My good deal was the grocery inserts from 10, I think, newspapers. Exbf not only brought them to me, he even removed the inserts from the newspapers. He thinks a newspaper delivery person just threw them in the gas station trash. Slowly, I am molding him to do these things because he knows how much I can save. When he starts cutting out the coupons, I am going to ask him to marry me. LOL

    There were 10 coupons for Cokes! I cannot believe he does not love me.

    He thought I was trying to change him--60 and never married. But, he is molding well.

    1. Coke coupons huh? You must be in

  7. Marci,

    Good idea!

    Gatorade has too much sugar to be effective for rehydration as it could be. The excess sugar slows down the water being absorbed by the body. Use half as much powder in the bottle you reuse. Your idea is a really good frugal idea. The "too much sugar in Gatorade and cut it to half strength" came from an MD.

    Powdered Gatorade is on store shelves here.

    1. I'll have to tell #2 Son that about it being better if you cut it with water.....doubt that it will make he want to do it but I'll try.


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