Friday, July 27, 2012

Musical Friday

Hubs and I are off to change banks in a little bit.  Well not so much changing as "adding" a financial institution.  More later on that.

Then I am off reading and trying to stay cool.  While I Occupy the Backyard, how about something to ease us into the Weekend. How about a little Swing Band music?

Bet you couldn't have guessed this group is from Greece?!  There is absolutely no breaking plates, Gyro eating or Windex usage..... ;-)
Joking people......2 Points if you get the reference there. lol

Here's another video they did with a Nawlins voodoo/zombie feel.....

Have a great weekend!



  1. They're pretty good! I like her voice too.

  2. Oh and I got my box this week!!! It was great!

  3. Totally got the Windex thing. "What you mean you don't eat meat? OK, we have lamb!"

    Thanks too for the videos - they were great. Loved watching the lindy hoppers do their stuff as well.


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