Monday, July 2, 2012

Food Spending June Week 4 & Meal Planning July Week 1

Some days I look at the my kitchen and see the above.  My kitchen just feels so old and out of date,  but not in a good way like this cute, vintage 1920's kitchen!
In a bad, dark way.
And I just don't want to have to go work in there.

This is just my way of saying having to do a Menu this week is a real chore and something I am not feeling.  But I am doing one anyway!
Because I am a big girl and I "should" do one, and we should eat at home(most of the time).
It's better for us and better for our bottom line too.

So let's suck it up and get on with this, shall we?

And here is the "meal plan" that actually happened last week.....

SUNDAY--Kielbasa on rolls, grilled Squash
MONDAY--Salmon w/maple bourbon glaze, crudite plate(radishes,celery,carrots)with dressing dip
TUESDAY--Spaghetti with Meatballs, Salad
THURSDAY--BLT sandwiches
FRIDAY--Homemade Pizza, Salad
SATURDAY--Burger King, raw veggies in dip

After eating out a lot on the mini-vacation to OH, we ate at home except for Whoppers on Saturday.
I kept true to the plan until Wednesday.  We had adequate leftovers so I substituted them for the meal that evening.  And Thursday was too hot to cook so it was BLTs instead.

The weekly food spending was $25.33.  It was 3 trips(5 transactions) to Weis. You can see what I bought HERE. 
I have a couple of trips to Rite-Aid to spend expiring +Ups but I spent nothing out of pocket.

Reg. retail was $152.02 for all so we saved 83.33% for the week.  And I kept within my $400 monthly food budget for June.
Go me.....

We have a brand new month for food spending starting this week.


This week's menu.....
SUNDAY--Steak, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Salad
MONDAY--Baked Potato Bar, Brussel Sprouts, Watermelon
TUESDAY--Lobster, Boston Baked Beans, Coleslaw
WEDNESDAY--BBQ Ribs, Macaroni Salad, COC, Pie
THURSDAY--Smoked Chicken, leftover sides from previous days
FRIDAY--Leftover BBBeans, Cornbread, Yellow Squash Casserole
SATURDAY--Chicken Parmesan, Salad

What I need to purchase for this menu?
Steak, Watermelon, Lobster, Cabbage, Red Bell Pepper, Corn, Squash

I know this menu is fairly decadent....steak, lobster and ribs.  The steak was on sale(bought it on Sunday).
The ribs were bought for $1 a lb. during the Weis Grand Opening a few weeks ago.  The lobster is a Price Chopper special this week($5.88 lb.).  We treat ourselves to cheap lobster at least once a year because we can....and the kids aren't home so we don't have to buy enough for them too.  ;-)

I'm dragging the smoker out to do the ribs, so I'll throw a whole chicken in there to smoke too and that will be the following night's dinner.
Since I have to run the oven for Cornbread, I am also doing a veg. casserole that evening.  If I run the oven in the heat, I want to pack as much food into it as I can.
The baked taters and beans will be done in the crockpot. 
The steak was done on the grill.
I have a method for doing the chicken parm on the stovetop, and the lobsters are done on the stovetop as well.
This means only 1 night of running the oven.

So what's on deck for your menu this week?
Do you have anything special cooking for the 4th?
And how was your food spending last month?



  1. I could totally live in that kitchen! LOVE those plates! and the baby of course...
    Oh and have kielbasa most nights. YUM!

    1. And while you're at it you can cut the blocks of ice for the fridge and chop the wood for the

  2. I do the same thing. If I have to run the oven, I'm cooking EVERYTHING!

  3. Nice price on lobster! Somebody will eat good this week :)

    1. Yes, our yearly splurge. I prefer to eat mine in Maine but not this year. 8-(

  4. Nice menu. I think our meal fr the 4th will be chicken sandwiches and chips while we wait for fireworks to start.

    1. Sounds nice and easy. We aren't having anyone over this year, so nice and easy here too.

  5. Wow! steak, lobster and ribs! I'm coming to your house for dinner! and I have a lovely straight from the 50's kitchen -are you jealous? ;-P


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