Monday, July 16, 2012

Food Spending July Week 2 & Meal Planning July Week 3

My keyboard seems possessed today.  Things are inadvertently getting "highlighted" and erased by some unseen force.  I have gotten up with disgust from the computer a time or two today and gone off to take care of other things here just to keep my sanity.

If I get this finished while it's still Monday AND I still have my wits about me, it will be a feat extraordinaire!

And here is the "meal plan" that actually happened last week.....

SUNDAY--Smoked Chicken, Cornbread, mixed Veggies in Chinese Sauce
MONDAY--using up the leftover steak....steak sandwiches, steak salad-not sure yet
TUESDAY--Ribs, Beans, Macaroni Salad(yet again!lol)
WEDNESDAY--Squash Casserole, Grilled Salmon
THURSDAY--Subway Sandwiches
FRIDAY--Dinner Out (Chinese)
SATURDAY--Fajitas with smoked Chicken

We used up all the leftovers again.....yay us!   Hubs and I have been eating alone again this week due to Daughter's work schedule.  She either goes out for pizza or wings after work or she eats something at the mall if she is working at dinner time.  "Dinner" being a $1 soft pretzel and a $1 lemonade.  We'll see how long she goes like that until she gets tired of spending her own money and/or she needs real food again.

The weekly food spending was $91.05.  After only spending $7.62 last week, we needed more than usual this past week.  Plus ground beef was $1.99lb(rock bottom price!)at Weis, so I bought 7ish lbs.  We also made our monthly trip to the bread outlet last week and since it's summer we added some snacks(chips)to the shopping list.
The regular retail value for all was $172.32 so I had a 47.16% savings rate.  And this isn't counting what I hauled home from Rite-Aid for free last week...figure in another $49.25 worth of stuff at reg. retail and my savings rate shoot up to 58.90%!  ;-)

As I reset my July Food Budget to $300, I now have $201.33 left to spend on food/toiletries this month.  16 shopping days left in July.  I think I can make it! 8-)

Going into the new week I have the following leftovers to use up......fajita fixings, 1 piece of cornbread and about half of the squash casserole.


This week's menu.....

SUNDAY--Leftover Chinese(from our Dinner Out)
MONDAY--Marin Joe's Special
TUESDAY--Lemon Pepper Chicken w/Zucchini
WEDNESDAY--Hamburger Helper type casserole, leftover Squash casserole
THURSDAY--Kielbasa on Rolls, homemade Pickles, Green Beans
FRIDAY--homemade Quiche, Tossed Salad
What I need to buy this week to serve this menu?.....
I bought most everything to make these dishes when I went to the store last week.  I will need to buy a pie crust for the quiche and salad greens.  Green beans might be purchased if our bean plants don't "give up the goods" by Thursday. lol  I see some milk and fruit being purchased as well.  As for stock-up opportunities this week?....I haven't even looked at the store ads yet.   I should be able to keep the food spending under $40 this week.

A's been amazing to me to see how little we need to spend on food when it's just Hubs and I eating and we aren't feeding the ravenous offspring.  Unfortunately, while the amount of food prepared and bought goes down, the amount of time I have to spend on menu planning, shopping and preparing said food hasn't decreased.  If you are cooking 2 pork chops or 8 pork chops, you still spending the same amount of time doing all that stuff.  8-(

So what's on deck for your menu this week?



  1. I have spinach, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini,squash, fresh fruit. I have thawed 10 lbs of chicken and one pound of hamburger meat. Tonight, I bought cheese for squash casserole. So, baked chicken, salad, casserole, and hamburgers are on the menu for the next five days, at least. It will all be worked out as the day go

    Didn't your daughter lose some weight last year?

    1. That's a lot of meat to eat in the next 5 days. Hope you get help with

      Yes, daughter lost some weight last year and has been able to keep most of it off.
      Not eating

  2. Whenever my keyboard is possessed like that, it's usually because the touchpad mouse is turned on. If I turn it off (and use only my external mouse) things go back to normal. I had my laptop a few months (and almost beat the crap out of it daily) before I realized you could turn that touchpad off. Yep -- I'm a bright one.

    1. Brighter than me.
      Oh right....I don't have a
      It's still possessed today, even after slowing down the clicks/the pointer, etc....ugh

  3. Bahahaha-Dave I'm afraid I can't let you do that. That made me laugh.
    I don't want to talk about what I have done to the food budget. I spent $42 on fast food one night. Not cool, not cool.

    1. $42 on fast food!!
      Geez....oh right, you ARE feeding a teenage boy. I am loving not doing that lately. Can I convince camp to keep mine through the Fall?lol

  4. H.A.L. is so boss! At least I think that's H.A.L...
    I saw a sweet corn stand recently, so I think we're going to do more of that sort of thing for the next few weeks. YUMMM!!

    1. Yep, it's HAL.
      I'd live on COC too but Hubs insists on meat and white starchy foods too.
      I'm one of those people who could eat the same thing for weeks in a row.


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