Friday, July 13, 2012

Channel Your Inner Hillbilly

Just a quickie for now.
Today's been busy and the humidity is kicking up again.....ack!

Here's a tune for your Friday to kick off the weekend.
I know it's no Stephen Colbert but....
I love this duo and I LOVE this song they do.
Their harmonies are off the wall....

And here's them doing this tune live for those who prefer the electricity of live performance over a glossy, over-produced music video.....

They only just started working together a couple of years ago. She was a Southern CA/LA-pop/rock gal and he was Southern bluegrass/old time country guy. But when they got together to write and perform their songs, it veered off into something more.

You may know them from working with Taylor Swift last year.  They were featured on that Hunger Games song she did.

Now crank your speakers up and channel your inner Hillbilly.....



  1. I'm not sure I have an "inner hillbilly"! lol

  2. Thanks, Sluggy. I need to get in character in preparation for my trip to Tennessee next month.

  3. I saw them perform on the Grammys this year and was blown away. They are so talented. Nice.


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