Saturday, June 23, 2012

The OHellIO Trip...Prequel Part 1

Well I am back from my trip.
And I must say that like most of my trips it was....."eventful".
Mostly not the sort of eventful you want however.

Being away from home and the dogs was, generally speaking, nice.
Being away from my bed?.....not so nice.
Man!....did I miss my bed.

Let me say that after I finish recounting our trip, you will be amazed that we kept a smile on our faces(most of the time)and we kept a good outlook on the whole situation mentally.
Because really, if you don't laugh about what life throws at you, you end up crying and complaining your whole life away.
So we chose to let these experiences be something we soldiered on through and we will laugh about in the future.

And the fun all began before we even left the driveway........

How did I get the great good fortune of having all these things happen to ME?!?

Either I am just the luckiest gal on the planet* or my real name is Joe Btfsplk.

Stay tuned as I'll begin deconstructing the Trip to Ohellio on Monday.


*said with heavy sarcasm


  1. What a tease!! I'll be up early on Monday to hear about it all! I have to say I always miss my bed too - it's hard to sleep on anything else.

    1. When you have a good bed, traveling just gets too difficult, doesn't it? I think I need to get that RV we want so I can take a good bed with me when we travel.
      That's a great solution!

  2. Maybe you are not holding your mouth right. You are mean to start off like that and then STOP!

  3. Mean?....maybe.
    Just trying to drum up

  4. Sorry your trip had some errr...challenges. But you had the right attitude. Can't wait 'til Monday.


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