Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life is Like a Circus

Do you ever have days, no WEEKS!, where you think you are living in the midst of a 3 Ring Circus?

That's my life this week for ya.......a big old Big Top Circus.

And in honor of that, here is a song for y'all.
One of my favs but one of my favorite singers.....well, not really a singer. lol
Turn it up and sing along won't you?

Enjoy and I'll be back later after I keep all the plates in the air and spinning today.



  1. Oh Sluggy you make me laugh! There was a girl helping us with my son's Grad suit she had a hundred tatt's and I lost track of her and asked my son where Lydia went. "Who??"

    Keep the plates spinning and keep the whip handy for the act with the lions!!

    My life is more of a Gong Show at the moment. Someone please hit it and make this all end!!

  2. LOL! Lov ed it! I won't get all tattooed up or anything but I'll sing along.

  3. Hope you made it through the week with your sanity.


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