Friday, June 22, 2012

June is Busting Out All Over....with Decluttering P*rn!

More stuff leaving my house this week.....

2 x Transformers Beast Wars toys
9 x Micro machines Star Wars Battle Packs and Vehicles
1 x Racing Champions Black Sabbath Car
1 x Set of Star Wars Curtains

1 x Stick Horse
3 x Blankets/Flat Sheets

1 x Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
1 x Oreo Cookie Jar

1 x Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel
1 x Flubber Doll
2 x Star Wars Metal Keychain Sets
8 x Miniature Mme. Alexander Dolls
1 x Racing Champions Ozzy Osbourne car
1 x Teletubbies Dominoes Set
1 x Star Wars Simon Sez

And  courtesy of #2 Son's closet we have this......

2 pair men's shorts
5 men's t-shirts
2 men's l/s shirts
1 scarf
1 pair men's pajamas
6 pair men's jeans
1 pair men's dress slacks

So what stuff have you pared down in your life this month?



  1. That stick pony is so something I would have bought at one point....

    1. We had 2 of them at one time, this is the lone survivor.

  2. I got rid of a door this month that Fred was hanging onto forever. Beat that Sluggy!

    1. Well see the stick horse comment above...that's been in almost 21 yr olds closet since he was 6. Only 21 yr old wasn't hanging onto the horse, his sister

      I'd just have duct taped Fred to that door before giving it away. I saw that he is an appliance 'ho.....

  3. I made a deal with a young friend--if she would clean out my car, I would give her what I did not want. Some of the junk in there had been put there for a yard sale ages ago. some was yard sale items I bought. She did not get everything, just what I did not want or realized I had to give up. I forgot what all she got. However, she filled two 30 gallon trash bags with garbage from car interior and from trunk that went in the trash can. Several boxes of items for yard sales, her own sales, went to her truck.

    I have never been messy before, but I cannot get down to get things from floor or trunk. Every time this friend gets in my car now, she examines the floor and back seat, commenting on any mail or whatever that is in there.

    Before I pick her up, I do a quick clean up, best I can. Everyone needs and OCD person in small doses to nag.

    Next, we move to cleaning off back porch. I cannot sweep, so she will do that.

    Last month, I did the same thing with a guy--he took all books off three bookshelves (on two different days). I looked over all the books and gave him what I no longer wanted--35 books over two days. The rest? I boxed them.

    Exbf has ongoing project. Each week, he brings something from the basement and I decide if it stays or goes. Usually, it is a project, something I dragged home from curb. I can no longer complete it within the next decade, so it goes to curb, to salvage yard, to him or a to a friend.I did sell a table and dehumidifier.

    1. Now those are inventive ways to get rid of stuff. I say whatever works, do it! ;-)

  4. I finally went thru the last box of electronics and cable left from my ex-husband. 3 Tivo and a huge box of cables to be donated, and a PS2 offered to a coworker for his kids.

    1. You go Dy!!!
      I think anything belonging to an ex would be long gone....unless it was work money and I would have sold it asap!lol

  5. That looks like great stuff! Someone is going to LOVE it! And you are going to love the cleaned out rooms! :)!

    1. It IS great stuff! Great stuff I just never got around to selling on eBay and now I can't give it away, well ok, I CAN give it

      I wish this was all but there will be more, MUCH more to come.....ugh

  6. I would love to get rid of one husband and a very expensive teenager, any takers?

    1. No one of the former and 3 of the latter already.
      Unfortunately it is NOT a sellers market on those properties.lolol

  7. I got rid of ....nothing. But I gotta admit I am impressed by yours but I think Mark won since he got rid of a ya in a week


    1. You need to get rid of that cast

      And yes, because Mark is so stinking cute and has so many followers/commenters that think he is adorable and he can take great photos of his door, he WINS the decluttering contest every danged time.
      He owes me a box of

  8. Awwww....Sluggy, we all think you are cute and adorable, too.

    I need to find something to get rid of, but Hubby would miss his stuff. LOL! The only clutter I have is some clothes to get rid of. I think I will go through my closet on the next long weekend I have.

    1. You are one of the few people who doesn't seem to have stores of clutter Frances. I applaud you.....


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