Friday, June 1, 2012

How Did It Get to Be June Already?

Well goodbye May!
I read pretty near everyone in the blogosphere lambasting May for being a really sucky month this year.
Sucky as in sucking all the money out of their pockets!
Lot of unexpected and planned spending was had in May for many folks.
Everyone is glad to see May go.

I don't rightly remember much of May what with all the stuff going on here, I haven't had much time to notice how monetarily sucky the month was for us.  I do recall many hands being stuck into my face, palms up, waiting for dollars to be deposited onto said hands over the course of May but the exact dates and amounts escape me.

And I was bad too in May since I spent money on some clothes and shoes.  Granted I got everything for great sales prices but it's nothing I needed really.  Who needs purple clogs, right?!
And then I bought a new bathing suit for myself.  Maybe that WAS a need though since all my old suits all have dry rot from all the chlorine over the past 5 years.  So a new one was in order and I did get it on sale.  But even so.....fat ladies swimsuits on sale are STILL outrageously expensive!

I guess when I sit down later today to do my "Savings Challenge" accounting I'll see the bottom line on the spending won't I?
If you hear a sonic boom later today, that will be me reacting to the bare walls in our money vault.
And believe me, the money vault is pretty bare(for us)as we leave May.

This morning, I found a post in my Drafts that I never completed and posted in May.  It was a Quarterly Updated on how the Yearly Goals were going.
Did anyone notice a post on my blog about a Goals update in May?
Nope, didn't happen, did it?

The kids came home mid month in May and it's been a blur since then. ;-)
Let me go and take a peek at my blog so I can recall what went on.....brb.....

Man!  I was a whole lot of BORING in May, wasn't I?
Food shopping, Meal Plans, a Giveaway and a whole LOT of Video/Music Clips.
1 Savings Challenge Report for April and 1 Decluttering Session.

Makes me wonder why anyone even reads this!

Here's a run down of what's ahead for June at Chez Sluggy.

Moving and cleaning stuff.
Surgery for one of our dogs.
Hemming Daughter's work pants for her new job.
#2 Son finishing out the school year and the wailing and gnashed of teeth that goes with that!
Graduation for the Nephew.
Hub's siblings descending on us for the event noted above....oh, now THAT will be fun!
Packing and getting #2 Son ready for camp training.
Taking #2 Son to camp.
Taking a small vacation.
More Decluttering.
Working on my Genealogy.
Working on Scanning Photos.
And dare I mention it....finally maybe doing some sewing.

Yeah, I didn't think anybody would actually BELIEVE that last one.....

So, let's all take a deep breath before we launch into June
And let's hope it's a sunnier month for all!

So did your May suck all the cash outta your pockets?
Or did you survive high and dry, sitting on your pile of cash?



  1. Cash suck. Oh well, a new month is already starting.

  2. One thing that was strangely enjoyable about this month is that we got all the same bills we used to get at the old house only this time, they were at least half the size. Might seem odd, but a $78 quarterly water/sewer bill that included a $20 new service charge was one third of the size of the bill at the old house.

  3. The suckage that is May will be one of those gifts that keeps on giving (taking) long after May is done. I will be spending all my vacation money on my teeth this summer. And to top it off I will be spending money we don't have on a new transmission for a 10 year old car. Still cheaper than a new car. I guess that takes care of next year's vacation as well.

  4. May was actually pretty good for us, June doesn't look as bright though :(

  5. May was pretty good for us.. Murphy stayed away, savings built up a little bit, business as usual here! Good luck for June!!

  6. It makes me feel better that you are living in crazy land too. Anna being home and DJ now being out of school is making my life hell. Even Den is getting cranky. Well more cranky than normal. It's mostly DJ that is getting under our skin. He is sleeping til 2pm and gets nasty if he has any chores. He may not make it until August.

  7. Fat lady swimsuits...I dealt with that myself this week. When the hell did a swimsuit start to cost $100? That was pretty close to the going rate at Fashion Bug and Avenue. I ended up at Ross and paid $25.99 and I was pleased that I found it for so "cheap".

  8. Purple clogs sound like a necessity to me! But this is coming from someone who is still kicking herself that she didn't keep clicking that "bid" button on a cute pair of hot pink "duck" shoes on ebay. Some other woman is wearing them, and loving them...or worse yet, has them tossed into the back of her closet. Boohoo.

  9. My solution for the price of swimsuits? I just don't buy one. Oh yeah, I don't go swimming either.

    We spent a lot of money on cars in May. I haven't added up how much, but we paid for it without getting into our savings, so it's okay. I am not really sure how we had that extra money, but I won't complain.

  10. May really did suck the money out of me..especially paying for our vaca. But in 3 weeks I will be laying on the beach in wildwood and not should drive down we would have a blast


  11. Hmmm, in May I bought new tires, tires I had bought last Sept 30, 2011. It seems the guy who replaced the rack did not replace the outer tie rods. He said my brand new tires I put on after his work wore out because I had put all of 5000 miles on them. New outer tie rod, alignment, new tires with all new balancing and two new wheels that were bent last year cost me almost much as I make each month! Needless to say, the stress level has been very high. And, the hear the alignment person and the rack replacer person, it is all my fault for driving 5000 miles. Yes, I had to say it again--5000 miles will make tires worn on one side and bald!

  12. I posted about my May suckiness but so far in June I've spent NOTHING, course it is only June 3rd, but small goals right? I can build on this small success!!


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