Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food spending May Week 4+ & Meal Planning June Week 1

It's the "Guess Who's Coming To Stay?" Meal Plan Week

And here is the meal plan that actually happened last week.....

SUNDAY--Leftovers and/or Whoppers
MONDAY--Burgers/Dogs cookout, baked beans, potato salad
TUESDAY--Alfredo with veggies and steak slices, tossed salad-used up a leftover
WEDNESDAY--Leftovers (crazy schedules night)
THURSDAY--Tacos-used up a leftover
SATURDAY--Subway Subs(only 2 of us home)

 The weekly food spending was $22.35 this past week.  I sent Hubs to the store for mozzarella cheese on pizza night and he bought reg. priced cheese instead of the $3 1lb. bags on sale....sigh.....thus my high spending on just a few items last week.

Personally, I didn't set foot in a grocery store last week.  I just sent peeps in for a thing here or there while they were out and about....eggs.....milk.....cheese.....
I didn't see any deals I needed/wanted so I just stayed away.

Tues. I used the half a London Broil that was leftover from last week.  Slapped some A-I and spices on it, seared it in the cast iron skillet to heat it up, sliced it up and paired it with fettucine with alfredo sauce. nom nom nom
On Thurs. I took the leftover Sloppy Joes, heated that up with Mexican spices(garlic, cumin, cilantro, cayenne pepper)and turned it into taco meat.
Made pizza dough on Fri. for homemade pizza.


This week's menu.....
SUNDAY--Chinese Take-Out

Sunday I was in the garage cleaning most of the day so we got take-out.  Seems if I don't cook, I can't get anybody else around here to make dinner and we always end up eating take-out.  I so hate this!  It puts a lot of pressure on me.  It's not like I don't have things here to make-for most any skill level-it just never occurs to anyone to offer to make a meal.
Monday the beagle had surgery.  She had a cancerous toe removed.  Between that, trying to clean the house before company descends, having to hem Daughter's work pants and the usual craziness all I could manage was to slap together some sandwiches for dinner.  They should feel lucky to get THAT!lol

As for the rest of the week?

Yah see, the Sis-IL is arriving Tuesday.
And every time she comes to stay she has dietary restrictions.
And her diagnoses seem to come and go and change every time, so what she could eat last time won't be what she can eat this time.
And she is hyper picky about what she will eat anyway.
And then the Brother-IL is arriving on Wednesday or Thursday.
And he has dietary problems that he won't talk about.
So I don't know what he can or cannot eat.

Maybe I'll just fix a big pot of tasteless swill and put a condiment bar next to it so everyone can kick it up to whatever notch they can handle.
Yah, that's the ticket.....

By the time they have all left on Saturday morning I'll probably be so tense that my last nerve won't feel like cooking so I'll send Hubs & #2 Son out to Taco Bell or something for dinner.
And I'll just sit home and nurse a bottle of Southern Comfort.
For medicinal purposes of course!

If I find the time I'll be back later this week with some sort of menu plan.
Maybe I'll just go to the deli and buy 20 lbs. of sliced meats and cheeses, a couple loaves of good bread at Panera and make a plate of veggie and condiment fixings and make them all eat off of that for the week.

I'm certainly not taking them all out for every meal because they NEVER pay.

What would y'all cook/fix/buy if you were in my position?



  1. Needs salt casserole of course! Or tell everyone it's "Fend for yourself" night.
    Good luck!

  2. Oh boy, are you sure that it isn't my BIL and SIL that are visiting you?? No vegetables except corn or potatoes, no seasonings, turn up the nose at everything. I refuse to have them here for a meal. I can accommodate allergies but not freaky eaters. I call them that to their faces. The BIL will gag if he touches a banana. All of his food must be warm or hot or he won't eat it. No raw fruit or veggies, no sandwiches, salad or breakfast cereal. His wife is just as bad. They are rude about it too. They will eat a bag of chips and have junk though.

    I would give them a call and ask what they are able to eat this week. If they have true dietary restrictions most people have no problem bringing their own food!

  3. No suggestions about the picky eaters Sluggy but I know what you mean about nobody else cooking if I don't - it's so annoying! They're not unable, just very unwilling and like your peeps it really wouldn't occur to any of mine to get stuff from the freezer to make a meal from. No wonder I'm always shattered - it's from having to be the brains for everyone around here!

    K xx

  4. Just boil them some chicken and potatoes and throw it on the table. Maybe if they don't like it, they'll never come back.

  5. Boiled chicken was going to be my suggestion, too. Then, have a condiment bar so they can doctor it to their tastes. Have a big bowl of salad for your family to put chicken on. Bake the potatoes and tell them good luck. Let them slice cheese (no grating) for the potatoes or put just butter. Suggest they throw chips on the baked potato.

    Actually, you could bake the chicken and potatoes at the same time, saving you effort and cooking energy.

    You could point out what you are fixing for dinner and tell them you will not be offended if they go out to eat since you cannot please them. Just point out that you are eating in these nights. Maybe you will get lucky and they will go out to dinner.

    I forget at the moment what I fixed when a friend came over for lunch, but she spent an hour picking things out of what I cooked. I have a few things I will apologetically pick from food. But, she picked EVERYTHING from the food. She left more than she ate. I could have killed her because we sat for over an hour with her just going through the food!

  6. "It's not like I don't have things here to make-for most any skill level-it just never occurs to anyone to offer to make a meal."-AMEN! Why is it no one is able to pick up a room when they leave it either?

  7. McVal--What is this "needs salt" casserole you speak of?

    B-Kat--I pity you more than myself....lol
    Who knew there were Canadians versions of my In-Laws?lol

    Keshling--RIght?! Being the brains and the only one willing to just get up and do something blows. If we were on a sinking ship, they'd sit there and wait for me to swim for them...ugh

    Mark--If ONLY they would never come back.....
    Next year I am giving them Your address and telling them I moved there. You are welcome!

    Practical P--I ended up heating up leftover ham slices from the freezer(I knew she's eat that). The next night I made chicken fajitas but didn't add a lot of spiciness(let them add their own). Tonight Hubs insists we go out to dinner(of course, none of his siblings will pay for themselves). Friday night?....no clue yet. It will only be the Sis-IL. Maybe I'll put us on the Gandhi diet...lol

    SonyaAnn--That action must be controlled by the same piece of the brain that cooking is housed...you know, the piece of their brains that is MISSING! ugh

  8. Sluggy, you would SO love a visit from any member of my family. (I am speaking only for me and Hubby and my side of our family.) Not only will we all happily eat anything you have planned for meals, we will offer to help prepare thhm. Oh, and if we go out to eat, WE are buying. After all, you are hosting us, why would we expect you to feed us every meal as well?


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