Friday, January 20, 2023

Frugal Friday.....the January 20th Edition

 Welcome to Frugal Friday!  There are a few Frugal wins this past week......

*   After my appointment at the Wound Center we hit Super 1 Foods because they had cantaloupe for $1.99 and Roma tomatoes for .77¢ lb. also picked up shredded carrots, hearts of Romaine and 3 bags of frozen veggies.  I checked the clearance meats while I was there..........

I found a marked down roast.  2.41 lbs. for $6.73 which is $2.79 a lb.  I can't even get Ground Beef for that price!

That store had Sanderson Farms BSCB for $1.99 lb. so I picked up 7 lbs. and prepped and into the freezer it went.
We also hit Shoppers Value Food for sour cream, sweet potatoes and a frozen chicken parm as those items were cheaper at this store than the other ones.

*  We hit Zaxby's for lunch after the medical appointment and shopping.  I got the Asian Zalad and I paid for both of our meals with some of my WAM.

*  I found money on Wednesday!
Out and about hitting 2 grocery stores and I found a nickel.

Total Found in last Week.... .05¢
Total Found this Year........11¢

*  I had a JCPenney's gift card I used back in November to replace my Dutch oven.  After the gift card the pot cost me under $5 in sales tax.  I applied for a rebate and this $20 gift card finally came this week.  Once my leg is better Hubs and I will venture there to spend it.

*  Staying home and going through tubs and packing boxes here.  Still setting things up, deciding on what we need to purchase and putting things away.

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. we stayed home and ate leftovers. Amish neighbor gave us a couple down trees so Hubby cut them up before the winds and rain came through.

  2. My frugals this week? I haven't left the house for 7 days and won't this weekend either. I don't shop online either with rare exception. It's great to hate shopping!

  3. I cooked at home as usual. I don’t eat out generally except to buy things at grocery deli. I also do a lot of easy stuff bc I am decidedly challenged as a cook. I made noodles, ground beef that needed using, spinach that needed using, and threw in leftover vegetables like carrots and broccoli, into a cast iron skillet in the oven. I do a lot of soup so I did tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich for the grown kid. Sandwiches for work lunch and soup concoctions at night. I had made The Pioneer Woman’s black eyed pea dip, or a variation of it, earlier in the week. Cindy in the South.

  4. Frugal wins? Not really, but I did have success with my first loaves of sourdough bread. Does that count?

  5. Haven't really been out to shop lately...but when I do, am always looking for a deal.

  6. I generally cook throughout the week, except on Friday. That is my night off cooking. My daughter, her father, and I went out to eat last night, and it was not cheap, but our daughter needed some parental time.

  7. Great deals on the roast and chicken. I hope your wound is getting better every day.

  8. All laundry soap is $2.49 at Kroger with a digital coupon. Ibotta has a $2 rebate so I picked up 5 for $.49 each. That’s my big excitement for the week.

    Jen G.

  9. I am trying to stick with what's in the freezer to avoid buying new things.


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