Sunday, January 29, 2023

December To-Do List 2022 Outcome

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Here is how we did with the December To-Do List--

*  Pay Bills--DONE  All bills got paid and on time.

*  Send a few Xmas cards to family--DONE  Between moving, organizing and such there wasn't a lot of time to get Xmas cards out before leaving for the cruise.  We got out about 10 cards total so if you got a card from me, consider yourself lucky. lolz

*  Clean and Organize stuff in House--PASS/IN PROGRESS  With how much needs to be done here(and the fact that I'm about as useful as a one legged woman on a kickboxing match right now).  Our initial timeline has been extended out until the end of 2023(or maybe halfway into 2024.  It has been slow going, partly due to having to replace items and not wanting to spend all willy-nilly(trying to cash flow without having to draw from 401K or non-retirement investments).  Things are still slow going as we figure out where to put stuff we have and what to do with some spaces.

*  Buy Stuff for House--IN PROGRESS  Just going through receipts I still have we've spent $3,418.35 on house purchases since November.  That's everything from a washer and dryer, a desk, a night stand, book shelves and storage shelving, a bed frame, parts the fridge needed to piddling little stuff like tools and hardware and light bulbs.  Again we are going to need to spend much more to get this place whipped into shape but we are proceeding slowly with expenditures.

*  Clean out Inserts/Coupon Envie--DONE  Something I do at least once a month and since I haven't bought one Sunday paper down here(thus not getting paper coupons)there is not much in my envie anymore. 8-(

*  Edit More Photos--IN PROGRESS  Have been working on the photos from our house hunting and a couple of local adventures and the Girls Trip to FL.  Then  we went on a cruise and now I have even MORE photos to edit.  GAH!  It never ends........

*  Post about Old Trips--FAIL  Nope didn't post anything since we weren't online/here from most of the month and when we got back I was hurt so yeah, that didn't happen.

*  Work on Genealogy--FAIL  I put more genealogy stuff on the back burner for December.

*  Drive to Texas--DONE  Hubs drove us to that god forsaken city.  Not a fan of Dallas roads(lack of signs on said roads)and crazy drivers(well, those are in every city).

*  Fly to MD--DONE  The flight to DC wasn't bad.

*  Fly to FL--DONE   We left DC 2 days later at the crack of dark 0'thirty.

*  Celebrate Christmas--DONE  Well due to circumstances not under our control Christmas was an odd duck this year.  We all made the best of it though.

*   Go on Cruise and have an amazing time--DONE  Except for one disappointment in Panama with the cruise excursion folks and the people who ran the excursion in Panama we had a mah-velous time dah-ling!



  1. Jre. Have you checked out Costco for furniture and other house needs. I and my son have gotten several couches, chairs , and mattresses there. I built a cabin two years ago and bought a beautiful sectional for under a 1,000 (probably more now). Loved it and my son family got the same one and then more for another room. Different sectional and chairs and have been very happy.

  2. I am impressed you managed to go on the girls trip, and the cruise so soon after moving, (and also managed to move a great distance) and pick out furniture. I bought a very small (720 sq ft but it has a basement bc …. tornadoes) in early 2021 for a retirement/current weekend house. It is less than a couple of hours away from work house and I still work part time and stay at work house during week. It took me months to go on a trip, months to get any furniture in weekend house, and well… I couldn’t move anything from my work house bc I don’t actually have much real furniture in work house. I eat on a card table there, and sleep on an old couch. But hey, I do have a recliner there… lol. I still have early college style…..Cindy in the South

    1. Oh, I did buy furniture for weekend house but I bought couch, kitchen table, two dressers, and beds from our local discount rental furniture place. I bought new, so not anything trashed by college kids in this town, but it is the same brands that the other furniture stores have and it was a good bit less money. I had no idea they sold new furniture, I just thought they sold the furniture college kids had used. I would have bought furniture on Facebook Marketplace and from thrift stores but since this is a college town, most have tended to be very battered and way overpriced and I am too old to sleep on hardwood floor in sleeping bag…. lol. . I bought my very basic fridge from Alabama Power Company, and the hot water heater was free because I changed from gas to electric. Stove and air conditioning unit (it is massive) came with house. Cindy in the South

  3. Whoo hoo! I feel lucky cause I got a card!!!!!!

  4. I only sent a very few cards this year too. Sounds like you did get a lot accomplished in December. Kudos to you.

  5. Your house expenses number scares me. I have a budget set, but it still scares me just thinking of how much I need to spend on a house and furniture.


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