Sunday, January 8, 2023

It's Evil Even Though It's Purple!

 Here is the evil stool(or a close cousin of it from online)that attacked my shin.........

It's hard plastic and the corner is what sliced me open.
And no before anyone insinuates it, I am not too heavy to use it(I weigh far less than what it is rated for and it did not collapse in teh accident and now is in better shape than I I can't help being vertically challenged and having the need to use a stool.

Avoid them at all costs.

Dolphins too, avoid close contact with dolphins!  But that's a story for another day.



  1. My husband bought me one because I am short and unable to reach my top cupboards. Hope you heal fast and you feel better. Mine was just a plain cream color, nothing fancy.

  2. I have a similar stool and you're right. I've almost fallen of it too many times. I use it for a stool for the littles.

  3. I suggest the next time you take a cruise vacation to take some leg armor

  4. Have you contacted an attorney. You are surviving. What about the next kid that slips/falls/whatever on this monster? Even without insurance, you can afford this catastrophe. And, honestly, you could still face dire consequences, like lose a leg. This is serious sh*t for you and potentially other people. I have a stool, too, a wooden one that will not fold/collapse/break. All the edges are sanded, rounded and as safe as possible. I contemplated the stool you bought and it looked dangerous to me.

    1. Dangerous? An attorney? It was a simple accident. Good grief.

  5. I'm also vertically challenged. I use a small stool to reach higher shelves but am very aware of how easy it would be to misstep. My stool is a very plain, non-folding type.

  6. Those steps stools are handy, but easily tippable, and can see how if landed just so, your accident happened. How rude that someone would once again blame the injured party, not the tool.


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