Saturday, January 7, 2023

Frugal Friday....the January 6th Edition on January 7th

 Frugal wins are few and far between lately......

                 My leg looking much better!

*  I got my stitches out on Tuesday.  That's the only time I've left the house since New Years Eve when we went to daughter's house.  Stitches came out and steri-strips went on and she pressed a bunch of blood blisters and cleaned it up real good. I am still on restriction walking around much and another course of antibiotics as well as two different ointments, one of which is a medical grade honey to seal the wound and keep the area free of possible infection. My leg is taking it's sweet time to heal and the doc wants me to see a Wound Care Specialist but they never contacted me so I know what I'll be doing next week. 8-(

*  We've had some take-out since I am not up to cooking/standing most days.  That's an expense I don't like and an incentive for me to get better soon.  Hubs tries to cook but it's not his "thing".  We are getting by with simple meals and me sending him to the grocery store for provisions.

*  Hubs goes on Medicare in a few months time when he turns 65.  He talked with one of those folks his old job hired to help people run the obstacle course of which plans to pick.  When all is said and done after he goes on Medicare our healthcare premiums will go down by about $800 a month.  I'll take that as a win. 8-)))

*  I found NO money this past week!  I didn't go anywhere this past week so.....  My change finding is off to a roaring stop in 2023.  If anyone wants to send me their loose change I won't object. hehehe

Total Found in last Week.... .00¢
Total Found This Year.....00¢

*  Not going anywhere means I can't spend money so that's a win! 8-)

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. I must admit when I first saw that picture I thought they were turning you into a porcupine. Then I realized it was bandage strips. Whey you first glance it looks they are standing up and out. What did you hit going down that caused that bad wound? Was it just hitting the floor and that caused the skin to tear open? It is an awful injury!

  2. Continue to rest up and heal. I know it’s hard when you have to slow down. That’s wonderful about how much y’all will save a month when your husband goes on Medicare. I guess my frugal win was we didn’t spend quite so much at the grocery store this week. Trying to use what we have!

  3. Your injury still looks gruesome! Frightful! I am glad you are going to a Wound Care Specialist. Medical grade honey? I knew honey was an antibiotic, but not that there was a medical grade honey. I was ready to put honey on my toe on which I dropped a wooden bird. You will probably be walking slower when you can go out amongst coins on the ground, so maybe you will see more coins at a slower pace. That way, you can catch up on your coin finding.

  4. Glad your leg is looking better. Prayers for a quick and complete healing.

  5. In order to send change I need your address

  6. Wow, your leg does look better! Happy healing. I felt so bad that you have found zero change that I was inspired to mail you some change. ;). I can’t find a mailing address though. Is there one? Hilogene in Az

  7. I'd just ignore frugality for the mean time. You both worked hard, now, you need to get recuperated. Nothing wrong with a bit of take out supplemented with easy steam veg, salads, fruit. Surely Dan can manage those sides to keep take out from being too unhealthy. I think you said son in law, not daughter, was the cook. Maybe he'd do a batch cook if a few meals to heat and eat.

  8. I made creamy pumpkin soup from a pumpkin I bought right after Halloween on sale. I bought 5 or 6 and they are stored in my unheated room. I usually do this after Halloween. I also toasted the seeds. I also made red bean coconut milk soup from dried beans and a can of coconut milk. I also made tomato soup from a can and ate cheese toast topped with spinach to attempt to make it more healthy. I used the last of a can of condensed milk I had leftover from something, in the tomato soup. Soup has been the name
    of the game here. I am babysitting my son’s dog so I suppose that is a frugal win for him. Cindy in the South

  9. So glad your leg is doing better, and I hope the wound care folks have it completely healed soon.
    I'm one of those people who can see faces in anything, and your leg wound looks like an eye with eyelashes to me. :D

  10. I am sending you prayers and positive thoughts for healing quickly. The honey is new to me and sounds interesting. I once had silver slivers put into a wound by a wound care specialist and it actually helped! I don't save much because I don't go or spend much. We live in a very rural area and a trip to town means a least $100 even if we do nothing but eat and buy gas so we don't do it often. The price of fuel, water, electricity, food has gone up so much we have had to cut many activities and trips. At the end of the month there just isn't enough left!

  11. Even though all the HGTV designers put those tall beds in the new rooms, I have never liked them because I too am vertically challenged. Even still, it’s crazy to think that you got hurt so bad just getting out of bed. Your wound is bad!


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