Monday, January 23, 2023

This Week on the Dining Table

 The "Happy Birthday to Me!" Edition.....

This was the sign at the restaurant Daughter and Son in-law took me out to for my birthday on Saturday.  Sissie would approve! hehehe

Onward to the meal planning!

This is what was planned.......
1. Sunday--leftover Chicken and Dumplings
2. Monday--Teriyaki Chicken w/Stir-Fry Veggies, Rice
3. Tuesday--Beef Pie
4. Wednesday--Leftovers or ?
5. Thursday--Catfish, oven Steak Fries, Slaw
6.  Friday--Shrimp Scampi w/Linguine, Salad
7. Saturday--It's my Birthday!! so ?

And here's what actually happened........
1. Sunday--leftover Chicken and Dumplings
2. Monday--Teriyaki Chicken w/Stir-Fry Veggies, Rice
3. Tuesday--Beef Pie
4. Wednesday--Leftovers or frozen dinner
5. Thursday--Pot Roast with Carrots and Taters
6.  Friday--Catfish, Oven Steak Fries, Slaw
7. Saturday--Birthday meal out

Getting back on my feet to cook a bit with help from Hubs.  The Shrimp Scampi will happen this week(hopefully).

What got put into the freezer last week....
*  1 Chicken Parm package
*  3 bags of frozen Veggies
*  6 lbs. of Chicken Breast
*  4 various containers of ice cream
*  1 Smoked Sausage

What got taken out of the freezer and used...
*  1 bag of Teriyaki Chicken
*  1 bag of Asian Veggies   
*  1 package of Ground Beef
*  1  Frozen Dinner(turkey)
*  1 bag of Catfish    

Hubs & I hit Super 1 Foods, Shoppers Value Food and Walmart for various items to the tune of $102.54 last week.  We needed fresh produce and milks, I stocked up on a few loss leaders, fresh produce, some OTC meds we needed and we got some "wants".
This brings our food/toiletries/paper goods Total to $383.29 for January.  

There are 8 shopping days left in January.

I've earned $101.93 on Ibotta in January.
I've earned $2.82 on Checkout51 in January.
I've earned $16.75 on Coupons dotcom in January.
I've earned 2,499 points from shopping on Fetch in January.
I earned 1,590 points from food shopping on Shop Kick in January.
I've earned 640 SB from food shopping on Swag Bucks in January.

That's $121.50 in rebates(not counting the Shop Kick/Swag Bucks/Fetch)on $383.29
 in grocery spending so in reality it's $261.79 in food spending after the 3 rebate apps I count.

My savings percentage for the last week was 37.40% and the monthly savings total for January comes in at 34.08% so far.  

Leftovers going into this week.....Beef Pie, Pot Roast w/Carrots and Taters, Slaw.

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Leftovers
2. Monday--Shrimp Scampi w/Fettucine Noodles, Salad
3. Tuesday--Leftovers
4. Wednesday--Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans
5. Thursday--Kielbasi, Cabbage
6.  Friday--Leftovers
7. Saturday--Turkey Dinner w/Fixings

I am still not suppose to walk a lot but I can do more cooking now.

What do I need to buy to fix everything on this menu?  All I need is a small head of cabbage.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any deals on food at your stores this week?  



  1. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    So glad that your leg is improving, and hopefully you will be back to normal soon.

  3. Way off schedule. On a snow day last week DH worked form home..I browned ground beef, deboned chicken, and prepared dried beans, planning pasta e fagioli, chicken enchiladas, spaghetti, beef enchiladas, and chicken/stuffing casserole. DH finished early ... while I was doing other things, he started in the kitchen making jambalaya. He made a HUGE potfull. So my menu plans went out the window.

    Eventually made the chicken casserole and the pasta fagioli. Some other components got frozen, and the others are getting cooked today.

  4. Happy Birthday Sluggy! Hope you have a wonderful day. I love that sign! My kinda place :) I'm jealous of your low grocery bill :)

  5. Happy birthday Sluggy! What was your birthday meal? I hope it was enjoyable. After the “soup” it probably was…. lol. I am making pumpkin soup from one of the pumpkins I bought after Halloween, and also roasting the seeds. I mad a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch and probably will have one of those all week bc I have bananas. Also my standard egg and tomato sandwich for breakfast. Probably other random stuff also. Cindy in the South

  6. Happy birthday! Hilogene in Az

  7. Happy Birthday! Here to the new year of getting settled in place! Jre

  8. belated Happy Birthday. I am finding it harder and harder to walk out of the grocery store without spending $100 each time. The prices are shooting up!

  9. I made more black bean sweet potato soup and my husband refuses to eat it again. So that’s what I’m eating all week and not sure about him.

    Jen G.

  10. Wow! Glad your leg is improving. That was terrible. Great job on the savings! I have tried ibotta but not nearly as successful as you. Though I do keep things pretty frugal around here. Carol

  11. For some. Reason I have you pegged as a spelling and grammar addict…. Maybe it was something you said in an old post…. But I had to laugh that you have “ I was not suppose to”. It’s supposed.

    Or maybe I’m mixing up the blogger who hates errors! Lol

    1. Nothing wrong with good spelling skills. I often notice mistakes in spelling but I don't call anyone out for it because nobody is perfect. I have been known to make grammatical and spelling errors myself. Shocking, no?! lol

  12. Many happy returns! May these next twelve months be marvelous for you! OXOX


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