Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The To-Do List....October Edition

Well in my zeal to do an October To-Do List and Update my side bar to November I electronically blew away my October list.  Thought I saved it in a draft before I zapped it out of existence on the side bar.  Nope. sigh.

Though I can't recall all the items on it, here are the highlights of what got done in October.
*  Paid all the bills(so so many bills.....)
*  Went on a Girls Trip to the Gulf(the highlight of October)
*  Cleaned out my coupon stash(not that I have much of a stash anymore since I haven't bought a paper since moving down here and my printer wasn't hooked up either)
*  Edited more photos(seems I am always editing photos but never get around to posting them on the blog)
*  I didn't post about any older trips, heck, I didn't post much at all! 8-)
*  Worked on Genealogy(connected with a cousin on mom's side and gave her some difficult info. on shared GGGgrandparents)
*  Buy a House
*  Get a Contract on PA House
*  Buy a Washer and Dryer(Did it in Oct., was suppose to be delivered Nov. 4th but then supply chain issues happened and now it's coming 2 days before Thanksgiving, supposedly.)
*  Survive the trials and tribulations of moving

That's the bullet points list of what got done.  More details on the house stuff in the fullness of time.....



  1. I am looking forward to more posts on the house hunting. Wishing you the best with settling down and unpacking.

  2. Highlight of my fall also. Let's do it again!

  3. I so feel the “so many bills remark”….. Cindy in the South


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