Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Food Spending 2022.......the November Report

*Since I am finished food shopping a couple of days early I am posting the November Food Spending now.  Enjoy 8-)

Onward to November's Food Spending report......

Here are my FOOD BUDGET spending totals for NOVEMBER 2022.

I have posted November's totals on the Total Grocery Savings Page located HERE and have updated the Totals there.
I am listing subtotals for each store I purchased from in November.  If you aren't interested in that much detail, just skip to the bottom for the Totals Sum.  My spending includes Food, Toiletries/HBA, Cleaning Products, Paper Goods. We are a family of 2(and 2 dogs).
OOP  $66.13
Qs/Ads  $49.99
Value  $116.12
Savings  43.05%

OOP  $420.53
Qs/Ads  $247.31
Value  $667.84
Savings  37.03%

OOP  $7.45
Value  $13.87
Savings 46.29 %

OOP  $34.44
Value  $51.42
Savings  33.02%

OOP  $49.30
Qs/Ads  $36.16
Value  $85.46
Savings 42.31 %

OOP  $305.64
Qs/free Gift Cards  $205.99
Value  $511.63
Savings 40.26%

My best 3 Store Savings Totals were Ollie's at 46.29%, Cash Saver at 43.05% and at Super 1 Foods at 42.31%.
The worst rate was Shopper's Valu at 33.02%.  
I shopped at 6 different stores in November.  I am still learning the ropes of grocery shopping in this area(where to go, whom to avoid, etc.).

TOTAL Spent in November................$883.49
TOTAL Coupons/Sales/Gift Cards...$562.85
TOTAL Value of Items Purchased....$1446.34
TOTAL Savings of .............................38.92%

This closes out the November food/toiletries spending.

THOUGHTS & COMMENTS for this month.....well I knew that when we got a house to set up the food spending would explode and it did.  We were actually moved in early in November and I sure did take advantage of any Thanksgiving deals I found.  This freezer compartment is HUGE but I still didn't fill it all yet.  I blame having a broken shelf in the freezer that we need to replace.  I blame the high spend partially on horrible inflation which is actually worse than what the government reports it to be.

The monthly food spending savings percentage went UP by 2.90% in November 2022 to 38.92% compared to the October's 36.02% savings average which is a tad better.  Even though I had savings rate in the 40's at some store where I spent the bulk of our grocery monies weren't at those stores.

With 11 months accounted for, I have spent a Grand Total of $3,441.43 on food/toiletries in 2022.

2022 Yearly Grand Total Spent....................$3,441.43
2022 Yearly Grand Total Value of Items.....$12,644.53
2022 Grand Total Saved...............................$9,203.10
2022 Yearly Savings Total..............................72.78%

The average per month amount spent is $312.86 in 2022 so far.

LOOKING AHEAD To December 2022......We won't be home but for 11 days in December as far as cooking goes.  I am trying to use up fresh produce before we leave for the cruise as well as any perishables in the fridge.  I can take anything we can't finish to my daughter's house for them to use.  That is a nice perk.  There will be lots of spending on food out in December(airports, in ports, and at Sissie's house)but that's not part of my grocery spending.

If you have other ideas or guidelines you follow please leave a comment and share yours with us all.

*  How much did you spend on food/toiletries in November?

*  Do you track your yearly food spending?  It's really not that hard or time consuming; just have your receipts and either track it in a notebook or on a spreadsheet.

*  What was your savings percentage buying on sale and/or with coupons vs. buying at regular retail price last month, if you track that sort of thing?

*  What are your methods for keeping your food spending in check?

Is anyone out there up for tracking expenditures and trying to spend less but still eat well?



  1. I am so looking forward to Sissie's cooking and I will be there to make the pies!

  2. I haven't been tracking. I also don't feel like we did excessive shopping, but spent more than average. Fruit is so expensive right now and I'm trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. I've not been in a healthy place emotionally, so thinking about the food budget has been last of mind. But, as we want hubs to retire next fall, I need to pay more attention to all spending.

  3. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris I will be interested to see how your grocery budget shakes out. I have shopped at Kroger for many years, and find it harder to get 50% savings since they took away double coupons. Be sure to find your clearance areas in their stores, sometimes they have outstanding buys that still have long shelf life. I even have hubby trained to check every time he goes in, even if just for 1 thing. LOL!

  4. That is one thing I am not looking forward to is to restocking a house. Right now, it is just little items, but in January/February - yikes!

  5. When do we see pictures of house

  6. I spent $800 on groceries but that includes dog food, cat food, toiletries, and stuff like paper towels.Yikes! Cindy in the South


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