Monday, September 27, 2021

I'm Back!....Sort of

So last week was basically a shit show.  That's all I'm saying about it.  I went to help my sister in-law have a yard sale.  The yard sale didn't happen either weekend(and probably might not happen at all, I was super stressed out and got very little sleep.  On the bright side I did manage to do some Ibotta deals and spend down some R-A Bonus Cash.  I did also have lunch with a childhood friend I haven't seen in years and years!

I usually do a meal plan thing on Monday's but yeah, I haven't cooked/meal planned since I left so there is nothing to report really.  I've spent some $$ on food but other than the Ibotta deal items I am taking home I haven't spent grocery money.  My car is also full of crap from my brother's house.

But enough of that.......
I am at Sissie's house now and have a place to take my computer out so I am back somewhat.

I want to remind everyone that the giveaway(go HERE to enter)ends tonight at 11:59pm.  There are very few entries so far so don't forget to enter!

When Sissie gets home we'll go get into some trouble no doubt! ;-)

Later Gators,



  1. Somehow, I thought the giveaway was over.

  2. Sending hugs to you, Sluggy. It’s great to see you back.

  3. It's frustrating to try helping people who say they want it, but give no cooperation.


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