Thursday, August 5, 2021

Walmart Ibotta Haul From Tuesday

 This will be my last Ibotta haul until September rolls around.  I went to Walmart on Tuesday to finish my Lunch Money $10 Bonus(needed 11 offers)and my $1 Midweek Bonus(needed 10 offers).  The offers overlap so getting 11 offers gave me $11 total(plus the rebates on the specific offers too).

I bought everything in the photo in addition to one more almond milk(Hubs already opened that one).
It was 12 offers done as the dog food and the Almay qualified for two separate offers each.

The cover girl lip gloss wasn't an Ibotta offer but it was on clearance for $1 and I had a $1.50/1 IPQ so I got .50¢ in overage to apply to something else for buying that.  The trial size Old Spice deo and body wash were also not Ibotta offers(though the Flipz and the Kotex pads were both SK and Ibotta offers along with some scan kicks I did in store) I got back $6.44 worth off points from Shop Kick as well.

I also cashed out for a $25 Walmart gift card on Shop Kick to use.

Gift Card...$25.00

Earned back $19.29 regular rebates, $11 Bonus offers so $30.29 on Ibotta, making this a $27.88 moneymaker trip.



  1. I have the Ibotta app on my phone but cannot figure out how to use it! You did well as usual.


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