Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Boring AM I Anyway?

Every now and then I go take a peek at my blog Stats just for fun.

You know....the place you can go see how many views a page gets, where your readers are coming from and what country they live in, what keyword searches point toward your blog, etc....that sort of thing.

I must be fairly boring because the top viewed blog post in the past 7 days on my blog was THIS ONE .
I wrote that in 2011.
In the last 4 years they couldn't find anything more interesting to read on this blog??

It had more views last week than even the Giveaway post(which those generally get the most hits per week when I hold one)!

Either a bot is directing people to that page or I really need to step up my game here as my blog seems to be a real snoozefest. lolz

Here are the top referring sites from last week.....

Most people just google "sluggy blog" to find me if they don't have me bookmarked in their favorites.

But I also owe a big "Thank You" to OneFamily OneIncome, Sarah and Jenny at Digging Out of Debt, One Spoonful at a Time, Belinda at Saving Money in My Tennessee Mountain Home, Sam at It's Me, Sam, Alex at Living the Small Life and Lorraine at We are:Clamco for having a link on their blogs so folks can find me here.

So who reads my blog?
Good question!

Take a look at this graphic to see who visited last week.........

Overwhelmingly it's USA readers with a smattering of Canadian and Ukrainian readers.  I was disappointingly only read last week by 134 internet blog readers in the UK(Hey, I don't get a lot of your slang terms either, so it's all good.)

 There were 50 or so English speaking folks in France, Russia, Germany who didn't think I was THAT boring last week(or they just wanted to practice their English with my dreadful grammar structure)as well as a few handfuls of Australians who probably read me to brush up on their North American/Yankee slang.

38 people in Ireland couldn't think of anything better to do last week(If  I was in Ireland I sure could think of a few better ways to waste my time!) and 14 couples in China must not have gotten the memo about that "1 child rule"no longer being in force and hadn't found the time last week to "get busy" yet......(for you Aussies "get busy" is US slang for "have sex").

But just to prove that the Earth has NOT tilted off it's axis and all is right with the world, the good news is that one of my top blog search keywords/phrases is still and will probably always be.............

Cat Hoarder

A gal writes one measly post about an episode of "Hoarders" yeeeeears ago and that's all people
Either that or cat hoarding is a silent epidemic in this world and it's heading toward a crisis stage and why was I not informed?!?

Now I am off to Weis(PMITA)Markets to buy more unsalted chicken stock, facial tissues and butter while contemplating the growing cat hoarding crisis.
I bet a telethon or a celebrity "group hug" song for it is just around the corner!

And just for writing another post with "cat hoarding" in it, this will double or triple the keyword search hits my blog receives.
Go me!

If only my blog hits translated into real cash so I could get all this chicken stock, tissues and butter with all that free money and Hubs could retire now!!! ;-)

Non-Catty Sluggy


  1. I would link to you but I can't figure it out, I do everything by trial and error and mostly error.

    1. You have a blog list on your page but I can't see it because your screen setting size is set too wide......I have to scroll sideways to see it.
      Just go into your "layout" tab, find your blog list gadget and add me. Piece O' Cake.

  2. Dear Sluggy, I read your blog, as you know. Not for the reasons you give but because I enjoy your take on life and your resilience. I have visited the US and believe me it's the accent of Australians that locals don't 'hear' not the actual words! Helen

  3. I owe a big thank-you to YOU because ALL of my blog traffic comes from your site.

  4. The majority of my traffic comes from you and two others. I think maybe the word "democracy" got all those hits considering the current political climate. I am always surprised at what search words find me.

  5. I admit I started reading Grapes through your blog. Now I am going to have to figure out the list gadget and see if I can list people I read regularly. Piece of cake is subjective though!

  6. Oh I'm so happy to see I'm in the top referring sites. Woo! By the way, if you see a visitor from Clara City, MN, that's me. Don't know why, but that's where my internet provider shows I'm from.

  7. I liked the yellow slug the best.


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