Wednesday, November 11, 2015

60% Savings Rate Anyone?....More Like 75%!

Back to Weis for this stuff yesterday...........

12 more boxes of Scotties tissues, .55¢ a box after sale/coupons.
1 more round of the Swanson/Campbell's Deal, $5 for all 7 items after sale/discount/coupons.
2 more pounds of LandOLakes butter, $2 each after sale/coupons.

I also got some new items this time around........
8 pouches of tuna for the food bank, .75¢ each after sale/coupons.
3 containers of sugar, .89¢ each after sale/coupons. These are for College Boy.(Reg. price is $2.19)
1 container of lunch meat on sale $4.49 with a $2 instant disc. sticker, so $2.49 for 1/1 lb. of "junk-free" ham.

$26.66 total and I used that free $10 Weis gift card I got for that disaster cashier situation 6 weeks or so ago so I paid $16.66 OOP.

Regular retail of $67.62.
60% savings rate.
But since the gift card was free the savings rate was really 75.36%.
Hey, even 60% savings was great! lolz

I did forget to get my BOGO ravioli yesterday so I'll go back today for that.
Since I'll be in the store a quick lookie at the meat cases will have to happen to, just in case there are any markdowns, right?  ;-)



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