Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving & Stretchy Pants Day!

Wishes for the kind of Thanksgiving Day you enjoy for you and yours today.

The stuffing is warming already here......

The pies were done yesterday and the roll dough will be cut into rolls to rise very soon.

And after a quick Rite-Aid run(like you really thought I wouldn't go today?!! lolz), the deboned turkey breast will be stuffed and rolled.

No snow like last year on Turkey Day and that's fine by me!




  1. Just putting my stretch pants on now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Buffalo was digging out from under 7 feet of snow around this time last year! We had a bit but it is melted, thankfully :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Sluggy!

  3. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! Love your Kermit!

  4. I am going to sneak in a trip to rite aid also! Have a great Thanksgiving Sluggy and thank you for being my friend. I so look forward to you posts and think you are wonderful.

  5. It is in 70s here all day--ac weather. I wore my least stretchy pants because they

  6. okay will finish the thought. My least stretchy pants were the only pair clean. However, they will barely stay up since I lost weight.

  7. The crock pot reminded me of Judy. If you keep in touch, tell her we still think of her. Hope she and her family are doing well.


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