Sunday, November 15, 2015

Finding More Genealogical Cousins Who Are Friends

Genealogy is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?

Online friend and blogger, Frances, mentioned awhile back that her mother's maiden name was FOSTER and hinted that we might just be related.......come on! Who am I NOT related to at this point?! lol

So with nothing better to do(yah, riiiight!)I started rooting around in Frances' family tree to compare with mine.
And surprise of surprises I did come up with a connection and although it was on her maternal side, it wasn't down the Foster line.
Well it was Foster for 2 generations, then it was Slayden for 2 more, Smithson for another 4, Chiles for 1, then Edwards for 1 until you get back to our connection, at the joining of the Holt and Mason families in 17th century Virginia.

Frances' 9 x GGrandmother was Elizabeth Holt.
Elizabeth Holt's brother was Thomas Holt, who married Frances Mason.
Frances Mason had an older brother named James Mason who is my 8 x GGrandfather.

This makes Frances & I 11th cousins(actually 11th cousins 1 x removed because she is one generation below my generation on the cousin level).

We also have a connection because Elizabeth and Thomas Holt's father, Randall Holt II married Elizabeth Hansford(Frances' 10 x GGs).  Elizabeth Hansford is the daughter of Elizabeth (might be Reade or might not) and John Hansford(Frances 11 x GGs).

Elizabeth Reade married second Edward Lockey and they had a daughter, Mary Lockey who married John Myhill/Mills, and Mary and John are MY 9 x GGs.  So we share ancestor Elizabeth Reade in her daughters, as these daughters, our direct ancestors, were half-sisters.

Of my 8 Great Grandparents lines, The Mason/Holt connection is up my Baker line and the Mills/Myhill/Hansford is up both my Tucker and my Driskill lines.

Is everyone confused yet? ;-)

I also have direct HOLT ancestors on different lines but I have yet to link them up to the Randall Holt line or not.  One line may be the same as Frances' Randall Holt ancestor line but the other may be a later line that immigrated to America(well not THAT late as we are still talking 1600 and 1700's here).

Randall Holt II was the son of Randall Holt I,who came to Jamestown in 1620/21 on the ship "George".  He lied about his age(he was only about 14)to make the passage and at the expense of Dr. John Potts.  Once here he was an indentured servant in the household of Dr. Potts.  In 1625 he is described at being 18 years old.  He married Mary Bailey in 1629.  Mary had been orphaned as a child and as the only child of John Bailey she inherited his estate so came into great wealth at her majority. This estate included a large tract of land known as Hogg Island on the James River, which is now Hog Island, a wildlife preserve.
Randall Holt knew what he was doing. ;-)

So Frances, my friend and cousin, if you ever get the urge to join the Jamestowne Society, Randall here is your ticket in.



  1. WooHoo! I can enter society! How exciting! Almost as exciting as finding out we are related. I still can't get over that!

  2. I told you with enough rootin' you'd be related to everyone!

  3. OK Damn-it I wan't to be part of the blogger cousins too - any Ormsbee or Larralde family lines ? :)

    1. Send me an email privately. I just need either your mother/father's generation/names/when born or your grandparents info(grandparents if parents are still alive)and I can work my "magic" for ya. ;-)


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