Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gifting Gone Bad

I dearly love my friend and cousin Sonya Ann, however.......
Let this be a warning to you all.

Never let a non-beer drinker buy your beer!

Sonya Ann was a sweetie on our recent trip to visit her and went out and bought us some "special" beer.....a seasonal variety pack of Shock Top brewing brand.

But unfortunately Sonya Ann does NOT drink beer.
This means her estimation of what is "good" beer does not necessarily jive with what a beer drinker considers "good" beer.

After we returned from our Friday fish fry dinner Sonya shoved a bottle of the beer she had bought for us to enjoy on this trip into my hands.
Yes, I was to be the guinea pig......

You can see that video of me drinking it HERE.

Personally I feel sorry for Den since he'll have to drink all this beer whether he likes it or not. lolz

And I'll add that I made a bonehead move myself in the giving someone booze category.
See this bottle of fairly expensive cream liqueur that you can only buy in Virginia?

I brought a bottle of this on the trip as a gift for Sonya Ann......totally forgetting that Sonya is lactose intolerant.
Yep, stupid me, right?
I guess Den ends up drinking this one too. lolz

The Moral of the Story here is that friends shouldn't buy friends booze.



  1. U could use it to make bread with love the raspberry shocktop

  2. "buy your own" is a good rule when you are a connoisseur of something, for the giver is more likely than not to give you something not up to hopes. The dears.

  3. And of course I clicked on the video. I am sitting here trying to imagine a banana flavored beer and I am flummoxed. I am not a big beer drinker but even I know to stay away form banana flavored beer. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. A friend came to my house, and I did offered her a Coke. She wanted something to go in it. Silly me, I got her more ice. From then on, she came with a bottle and mixer. I still had Coke and ice, not her drink. Finally, she gave me a bottle of vodka for Christmas. I was puzzled as I thanked her. I remembered I told her that vodka and oj was the only thing I ever used to drink. So, she came with a single serving of oj so we could both have a screw driver. I never did drink with her. She eventually dropped me as a friend and left less than half a bottle of vodka here. It took me over five years to drink that amount. Some of it was drunk by other people.

    Beer? It all smells bad. So, a friend in B'ham offered me beer. When I declined, she offered me non-alcoholic beer.

    I have decided that buying alcoholic beverages is a really personal thing, unless you are buying for a real alcoholic! Well, I had a friend who gave big parties. Anything worked for her birthday because she had lots of people around to drink it.


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