Monday, November 9, 2015

Getting Ready for Black Friday at Rite-Aid

I went into Rite-Aid today while I was out to the bank.
I had this from last Black Friday at Rite-Aid.........

JR Watkins lotions were a freebie last Black Friday, limit 2 bottles per card.
$5.99 on sale and gave a $5.99 +Ups Reward.

They never seem to have 2 bottles on the shelf of the same scent.....this rain check is for I hadn't cashed it in yet.

So I got 1 bottle of aloe and 1 bottle of lavender and cashed it in today.

Why cash it in this week?
Because when you buy 2 bottles of JR Watkins this week you earn 200 Plenti Points......

I also still have a Planters peanuts gift set rain check from Black Friday 2014 which I plan on using Black Friday 2015.  These nut gift sets will be on special......

$5.99 and gives $3 in Plenti Points.
My rain check lets me buy 2 of these gift sets for $2.99 and I'll get the $3 in points back making these .01¢ moneymakers each.
Sweet. 8-)

Also I am having a hard time deciding on my Black Friday strategy on what to buy of the freebies.
The plan is to use all my points(should be $37 on one card and $50 on the other card)on Day 1 of the BF sales on freebies and earning those same amount of points back on each card.  Then using those new points to buy more until I either run out of freebies(or freebies after coupons)OR time(3 Day sale).

So what are you planning on spending/rolling your Plenti points on during the Black Friday sale this year?



  1. I haven't been shopping at Rite Aid at all lately, but I'm thinking of getting the Gap gift card (I have a skinny boy who doesn't wear jeans much, but when he does, only the Gap fits), peanuts, Goldfish, and some of the lotion deals. I have no plenti points, so I guess I'll pay out of pocket & then look for another great deal to waste my points on. . . or, stock up on our mouthwash. We use a special version of the Listerine that never goes on sale, and it's $$$.

  2. My entry for Nov 9. I rarely go in RA. I need my own electric cart so I can go more places.

  3. Rite Aid is not far from my house so I guess I need to bite the bullet and get a card. Your deals are too good to resist.

  4. Since I don't have a RA, I'll live vicariously through you. I'll check out CVS and then get a bunch of rain checks since they are always wiped out.


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